St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Verse for a Vacation

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My Lucky Charm
My husband to an Irish name be born. I too took upon that name across the alter sworn.
Tis only been a mere 37 years, in our wee wedded bliss. I still honor that sacred holy kiss.
My husband, my favorite lucky charm, is going to be 60, come April 6.
Mooney, McNamara, McLaughin, Just to name a few, of our ancestors
To which we hold our Irish culture true. We dream of the emerald Isle; of land green and fertile.
To see the sea, and walk on the land, where are fathers’ once had been would be so grand!
Our daughters Claddagh rings they wear; for the rich heritage they bear.
Catholic Cathedrals, and castles in the air; oh, how we wish we could be there!
To listen to the celtic harp, would be quite nice. From Phoenix Arizona to Dublin’s Phoenix Park,
Would make our imaginations spark! The hills, and valleys, and people too!
To travel across the ocean, this would be our first, to cross the atlantic blue!
To wish upon a rainbow to the pot of gold, that ends in Ireland, our dream unfolds.
Oh, this would be the best surprise, to give my husband, my lucky charm a chance to see
the castles along the Irish Isle. Can you imagine to kiss upon the Blarney stone!
Oh what a thrill to be ten stories high in the Blarney Castle walls, to look out where others might have been.
To see the beautiful gardens there, how beautiful, how rare!
But, that is only one, there are castle there for just about everyone! Let’s don’t forget about Bunratty Castle too!
To be a guest among the medieval knights, and to spend the night would be quite nice! There are stories of Viking kings along with maids dressed in gowns from the middle ages. This would be like being in the history pages!
Next, to be at a castle that appears to be floating on water, the Doe Castle is the spotter! Rising high above the ground, only to be surrounded by water! How romantic, how fun, to be there as chosen ones!
This is a treasure, but, yet there is more! Along the shores, you can see Dunlough! The East and West, this Norman Castle was designed to withstand the test of time! Along with Cahir Castle, so well preserved; how I yearn to see the countryside and climb the spiral staircase so high and wide!
Oh what a thrill to see Ashford Castle, an Irish gold piece; to cross this off my bucket list would be such a treat!
Close your eyes, can you see the beautiful grounds spread out before you? Whoa, what a life!
Yes, to see the castles of Ireland would make a gift so blessed and grand, for my husband, that’s the plan!
We have been married 37 years now, with six children all grown, with their own spouses too, this is a time quite perfect for us, to travel to Ireland, we could make such a fuss, because this really is the best time for the two of us!
Me and my lucky charm!

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