St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Can’t Get Enough Emerald

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I have been to Ireland twice. I love everything about it from Dublin to Cork to all the little towns and villages in between. When I was there by myself I did a self-drive. I got lost a couple times but I was never afraid. When I asked for assistance to get me on the right track it was never a two-second response. I never heard go down the street take a right it was a story of how my wife would go down this way and my kids we go this way. I have the utmost respect for the Irish people. I would really like to take my kids there they are both adults at the age of 25 and 23. It would be a dream vacation for me to go with them and walk to castles and fish and explore. The Mistry and history of Ireland are so appealing to me for many reasons. I have ancestors there that I would really like to find. I believe they were Scott’ The Mistry and history of Ireland are so appealing to me for many reasons. I have ancestors there that I would really like to find. I believe they were Scott’Irish I think. If I was to win this trip I would be so grateful. I truly miss Ireland. If I didn’t want to be so close to my sons I would try and move there. I have to say there’s something truly sexy about an Irish accent. If I was lucky enough to win this contest I would take full advantage of all The kindness that authentic has to offer. I so enjoyed getting your messages on your Facebook and emails. Makes me feel a little closer to Ireland even though I’m so far away. Living in Washington state is similar to Ireland. When people say it rains I laugh because it rains all the time here too. So I’ve learned that I won’t melt And the green can be the most beautiful color in the whole world. Please choose me I will advertise for you I will do it for you ask I just want to go back to Ireland so bad. Now I truly hope this is 500 words because I don’t know what else to say. Other then I would really like to stay in a castle a really big castle. I stayed in a manner, hotels and a small castle when I was there. I see pictures of these grand beds in the hotel rooms and it just makes me want to transport back in time and dream. Winning this contest would mean the world to me. So please please please pick me. I know that I would have a craic of a time! When I first heard that expression I about died. The man that was driving us to our rental car told us what that saying meant. And now I use it all the time because Ireland has made me a happier person believe it or not. I’ve learned to really appreciate everything in my life. I’ve always wanted to be there on St. Patrick’s Day to see the grand the celebrations and all the colorful people and decorations and music. That’s the other thing that is got my heart is the music of Ireland. I can laugh, cry, and dance every day in Ireland. Ronan Keating is my favorite Irish singer!

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