St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Celtic Magic

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I’m from Newfoundland, Canada, so there is a whole slew of reasons I’d love to visit Ireland! First of all, I’ve never been outside of Canada, and the furthest I’ve been from Newfoundland is Ontario. So I’ve basically never left my home! This has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a university student, and can’t really afford the luxury of travel. Although I’m very eager to begin traveling, I’m certainly a bit anxious about the idea of experiencing a different culture. This is why I think Ireland would be a perfect first trip!
Here in Newfoundland, we’re very heavily influenced by Irish culture. In my current home of St. John’s, it only takes one glance down George Street to realize how much us Newfoundlanders love our Irish pubs! We’ve got O’Reilly’s, Bridie Malloy’s, The Celtic Hearth, Shamrock City Green Sleeves and that’s just to name a few! There’s nothing better than getting liquored up on a Friday night and dancing a jig to the local talent (most of which are strumming out our favorite Irish classics like Leaving of Liverpool). On a regular Sunday, I take a drive around listening to our local radio station’s “Jigs & Reels”, and love every minute of it.
I think if I were to visit Ireland, it would feel like a home away from home. In fact, I feel as if it would feel like coming home. All my life I’ve grown up with the influence of Irish culture, and to experience it first hand would be something magical. And speaking of magical, those castles don’t look too bad either. You’d have to excuse me if I got a little too excited and never wanted to leave at the end of the trip. I mean, I have talked about moving from my own little island to yours, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch! And failing that, you can be certain that it definitely wouldn’t be my last trip to Ireland.
Not to mention I love cows – a lot. And I can never seem to spot one around here. In fact, just last night I watched a video of cows and cried it was so cute. I feel as if those lush green fields in Ireland would be able to provide me with a first-hand cow petting experience that would warm my heart for years to come.
All foolishness aside, I honestly just want to get maggoty in a real, authentic Irish pub and visit a bunch of crazy castles. That sounds like a solid trip to me. I’m even confident that I’d have an advantage when it comes to the local accents so many people have trouble with, because honestly if you’ve ever heard a Newfoundlander talk there’s really nothing quite like it – and we all know we have Ireland to thank for that. Now whether or not the similarity in cultures is a reason for me to win this trip, I’m not sure. But you can be certain that I’d enjoy every bit of the home-style hospitality I’m sure I’d experience over there – and I’d show everyone a great time in return!

Whether you’re on a romantic Honeymoon in Ireland, a family trip, or a holiday with friends, the spirit of Ireland will embrace you from the moment you arrive. From five-star hotels to idyllic Ireland Cottages, you’ll be treated with warm Irish hospitality and attentive service. The cows are pretty cute too.

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