St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Connected to the Craic

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What intrigues me about Ireland is the History! Ireland’s beauty has always caught that specific spot in my eye and heart. I have always had a longing to visit Ireland and the many different Cities! I have recently learned that on my mother’s side of the family, our family is from Wales, Scotland, and we might even have family in Ireland! I would love the chance and opportunity to search and explore the beautiful Ireland! I would also love to have the chance to see if there are any still living family members in Ireland and meet them! I would also love to sit at the many different places and try the different styles of cooking! I have for the last 4-5 years listened to the most popular group from Ireland, Celtic Thunder and their many ways of describing their home town! I look at pictures daily and have such passion to visit and see all that Ireland has to offer! I love the rain so all the rain that Ireland has would be no bother to me. I would love to go and visit the many places Celtic Thunder talks about in their interviews and sing about in their songs! I have even more so dreamed of visiting Ireland since Celtic Thunder! I am also currently an English as a Second Language Paraeducator in my home town at one of the best schools. I love to learn about the different cultures around this world we live in. I would love to visit Ireland and come back home with so much to tell! I love my job with teaching all the kids we get from all the different countries and places! They have taught me a few words in their native language and I find it very fascinating! I would love to also learn a bit of Gaelic myself, so much that I have downloaded an application to my mobile device to help me learn Gaelic! I have always loved history and different cultures since I was in High School. I love looking at the pictures of the lush Emerald Green grass and the beautiful landscapes of old Medieval Castles. The vast countryside looks even more breathtaking! I long to walk along side the beaches in Dublin and see many surfers shredding it! I would love to walk along the streets and listen the pure sound of the traditional Irish music and all the fun Craic!!! I have heard of all the different people who go into their local pubs and sing their songs, especially in, The Moy! I have seen many videos on Ireland and the streets and the people intrigue me. It would be a pure joy to visit Ireland, and a long awaited dream come true to be able to walk along the streets of Ireland and visit the many different places like Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny, Blarney, Killarney, and of most of all Innisfree!!! Of the many places to see in Ireland, it would be very difficult to choose just one, so I would most definitely be back to see more. I would love to see the Authentic Ireland and have the best tour in the heart of Ireland! A lot of people have a spouse or a significant other they can share this special time with, I for one am not as blessed as they are at the moment! I applaud those who are still married after 50 years and who are looking for a great getaway. If you ask me they deserve the trip more than I myself. As most others, I have also not been out of the country unless you count Mexico, which no one looked at my passport nor even asked for it. I would love for the chance to have a getaway from the drudgery of the everyday life! If I am selected I would be most gratified! Along with me, I would bring my supervisor at work who also has a Family History in Ireland! We both have been planning to take a trip to Ireland, more so a whole 3-month summer vacation, so that we could have the time and chance to visit all the cities and places in Ireland. We both feel a strong connection to Ireland as I am sure many others do as well. We both would be so grateful if we got the chance to win this 6-day Authentic Castle Vacation!!! We will be very patient and long to her “Ireland’s Call!!!”

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