St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Country and Culture

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When I imagine Ireland, I picture the very green country landscape, the beautiful rolling green hills, old stone fences, little charming bungalows, gray stone castles and old ruins – and also sheep. I can’t help but picture fields dotted with little herds of unkempt, woolly sheep grazing along in those rolling expanses of lush green.

I’d sure like to fancy a few scoops with some light-hearted countrymen, to really go for that full Irish experience. I’m not sure how I’d be after a few pints of Guinness, but I am very willing to give it a good try. Do they have designated drivers in Ireland or do you have to stumble along on your own, singing traditional Irish drinking songs? I’d love to sit in an Irish bar and tell drunk American jokes and compare them with Irish jokes.

I would like to eat too. I’m sure the cuisine in Ireland is a bit different from my hamburger and mac-n-cheese palate. I can be adventurous though and have vowed to try anything once, possibly twice if I’ve partaken in a bit of drink first. The Irish stew looks safe enough, something I’m sure I could handle. I would probably steer clear of anything too out there like crubeens. I’m not really that into feet – not my thing. I understand cabbage is eaten quite a lot, and while it’s not my favorite, I could probably choke it down like I did when I was little and being punished with a plate of fried cabbage for supper.

I also heard there might be a ghost or banshee or two in Ireland. I saw it on TV so I figure it has to be true. That is something I would be very interested in seeing for myself, being that I am an amateur ghost hunter. It would be fun to sit for a few minutes at an alleged place of haunting – but only for a few minutes because the heebie geebies would get to me and I’d have to leave – which is probably why I am only an amateur.

In all seriousness, winning a trip to Ireland to see the countryside and castles would be a dream come true for me. I am enthralled by the absolute stunning beauty of the country, from the green rolling hills, the rocky cliffs, and stone lined pastures to those historic, majestic castles. I could click through hundreds of pictures on the Internet and never grow tired of the powerful views. As the unofficial family historian, I have found that some family ancestors hailed from Ireland before they migrated to the United States, and it would indeed be a bucket list item to be able to see the country they left behind. To be able to see the castles and know they might have also laid their eyes on them, would be a delight to me. I would love to experience long-time Irish traditions so as to better understand where they came from.

I have never flown, never been out of the US. I think (I know) I have a fear of flying for the most part, but I have always told myself I could do it – if it meant getting to visit such a stunning land. It would a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. A dream trip to fulfill my desire to see the splendor of Ireland in person would be something I could never forget.

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