St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Discovering Your Roots

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My husband and I both have Irish ancestry. We’ve always wanted to explore this part of our heritage, but have not been able to financially yet. Now that we have a son, we’d love to be able to explore our histories first hand to share with him. The German side of my husbands family is in the United States with us, so we gain exposure to their customs and traditions throughout the year. We would love to meet his Uncle in Ireland for the first time and discover where the Irish part of our family originated from! In addition to exploring our family roots and becoming immersed in Irish culture, we’ve dreamed of drinking a FRESH Guinness. My husband’s favorite beer is also the name of our chocolate lab 🙂 We often joke about how our son’s first words will be Guinness, since he hears it so often in our home. Prior to my pregnancy, I honestly was not a huge fan of Guinness alone. I would order it layered with Magners or Strongbow (I hope this doesn’t insult anyone! In the United States I have to go with what the bar carries here…) Now all I crave is a delicious Guinness draught, on its own. My husband is overjoyed since we now constantly have a stocked fridge with our favorite beer.
My husband and I enjoy traveling. We like to immerse ourselves in other cultures and explore how other parts of the world live. When we visited Europe a few years ago on our honeymoon, we were intrigued by the lifestyle. It was so much more relaxed than that of the United States! We realized how Americans work too much and don’t always focus on what’s important in this life. We even started to look at real estate but became overwhelmed with the possibilities. Instead, we brought back what we learned and tried to incorporate it into our everyday lives. It’s true, not all Americans believe we are the best at everything 🙂
Recently, two of our friends sold all of their belongings and moved to Austria. We’ve been following their blog, living through them as they explore Europe every day. While we are envious of their adventures, we know our decision to start a family was the right choice for us. We want to bring our son with us on our travels so that he can be exposed to his family roots and other ways of life. We see him as an addition to our adventures! I know this contest is for a two person trip, but he’s only 6 months old, so technically he doesn’t cost anything extra. Why not start him early?
My husband and I would love to explore all that Ireland has to offer. We dream of finding our Irish roots, tasting a real Guinness, and embracing another lifestyle. We want to be able to bring back some Irish culture, so our son isn’t only exposed to the German heritage (Please don’t tell his Oma & Opa!). Between the two of us, he is mostly Irish anyway!

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