St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Distant Discoveries

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Ireland has clean air and towns; simplicity at it’s finest; warm pubs to talk with new lifelong friends; true quietness when I want it; the bustle of a city when I need it; history, music, art, architecture, and something to do every day. Your sweeping landscapes of rich green speckled with whites from happy sheep, & music that makes my insides swell with joy! No other place can quite pacify my soul the way Ireland can.  I can envision the peace and beauty that must descend on you when you stand at the edge of a lake, or the Cliffs of Moher, or the Burren, and many other countless places. With a history as old as time. To hopefully get to visit with a lot of the Irish people and hear some of the histories. I can’t wait to see Ireland’s beauty and feel its peace. Ireland has fantastic scenery, and it appears that there is a laid back quality to the country as well. While Texans can be fairly easy to get along with (especially outside the big cities), we are somewhat lacking on scenery in my location. DFW currently suffers from over development in many areas, and traffic is getting insane in some places. There are lots of nice places to visit in Texas and the USA, however, you have to drive a while from here to get to them. I enjoy history and old things in general. We really do not have much in that category locally. Dallas is probably most famous for the Kennedy assassination. Communities look fairly homogenous, especially anything built in the last 20 years or so. If I showed you a photo of our neighborhood street, people all over this area would think that it was somewhere in their neighborhood. Perhaps this could help explain why something like Ireland would make an exciting vacation. I have never met a place in Europe I did not like, and probably that will never happen. A lot of people look forward to getting home after the trip, but I usually felt like I could have stayed longer. No doubt this will happen in Ireland.There is something about Ireland that resonates in my soul. Being there is like savoring that first taste of coffee in the morning. After that instant in time, the sensation is never again repeated. It can never, ever, taste that good again until the next morning comes back around. Sensations diminish with time until they become little more than faded memories. Once that happens, I must return to the well, once again and be renewed.When I stand upon the mountain top of Mushera, at Knocknakilla, or traverse the narrow boreen that meanders past Castle Donovan, en route to Coomleigh, I am at peace with the world and with my place, within it. More importantly, I am at peace with myself. I stand at the base of the Rock of Cashel, enraptured and remark to Patricia that there is more history, in just that one limestone scalp, then exists anywhere within our entire country. I find that realization comforting. Oddly, such moments trivialize my own insignificance, for if my homeland’s legacy pales in comparison to one rocky dome in the midst of the Golden Vale, how then can my own failings matter? I walk away refreshed, knowing that they do not. Ireland grants me absolution. Timelessness drips from the hills, the bogs, and the sky. Great, gray, mossy woolen clouds hang low, over hills of glistening emerald. Tendrils of gauzy, linen opaqueness trail silken traces of soft, buttery dampness that yields a gentle moistness, to caress the skin with a tender touch of satin. These are the fabrics and textures of Ireland. They form a cloak that envelops the body and nurtures the soul.I love the sites, the old buildings, the food, the slower pace, but most of all I truly love the people….they are the kindest, warmest, friendliest people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet and no doubt the most welcoming…..But another factor is Ireland is more affordable than most other international destinations from N America. Not only are the flights comparatively inexpensive, but lodging is as well. Affordability plays heavily in my vacation choices. I would love to see Norway’s fjords, Victoria Falls, etc. but those are not currently in the budget. The fact is Ireland is a holiday choice that fits in many people’s budgets more easily than other destinations on their list..

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