St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Emerald Embrace

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I am an artist, and I want to visit Ireland for its history, music, art, rolling hillsides, majestic coast, football, laughter, and most significantly, the people. This is a nation that has so much culture that I would imagine the proverbial well of inspiration would be overflowing for years to come. When I think of Ireland, I think of the resilience of a hard-working people who have an unprecedented sense of humor and honest sincerity. My great grandparents came from Ireland in the early 1900’s, and although I never had the chance to meet them, I was very close with my late grandmother, she will forever be an inspiration to me in life. I’m certain that it was her tenacious Irish sense of humor that kept her going until 98 years old! Having the chance to kiss the Blarney Stone has always been a dream of mine. Maybe then I’d be blessed with the gift of eloquence, as my grandmother was. I could certainly benefit from a little help in this department. The gift of gab invites new relationships and there’s not much need to have much of anything more than good friends. What’s life is you’re not sharing and embracing stories with others? I believe that one of the absolute best things to do for your health is to spend time with folks over a pint, or two; simply catching up on the day, making time to complain about politics, or gossip about co-workers. I can just imagine settling in to an Irish pub after a long day of sight-seeing around Dublin and meeting and talking with the locals. At this point in my declaration of why I want to visit this remarkable isle, I have to stop myself and add one more reason to visit; and this is because of the Irish accent! Have you ever heard something more delightful? It is a mystery to me, how does the ÛL come off the tongue with more of an ÛR sound? I wish I could talk like this. Memories are one thing, but bringing back the accent from a trip half-way around the world would be unreal, if only this were a a real possibility. I could make a painting of that encapsulates this, or at least put it in a jar to bring back. Anyhow, for me, the big picture is to stress the importance and purpose of embracing the experience by living in the moment, breathing the air, and drinking in all the energy of being in a new place. Speaking of which, drinking in all the beers isn’t such a bad idea either. So why pick me to win a trip to Ireland? Well my answer is that I’m looking at this like a real opportunity to not only see life through my grandmother and great-grandparents eyes, but also to check out the contemporary culture. This would source of inspiration for my art would be meaningful and filled with love and laughter. What better way to gain a new perspective on life than to immerse oneself in a culture that knows that life is about good friends, good drink, and always remember, if you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.

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