St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Enthralling Emerald Enchantment

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Could the “Luck of the Irish” Reward us with a “Top of the Morning” Greeting in Ireland?
Beautiful, intriguing Ireland has been calling my name for more than a decade. Picturesque Ireland continues to tempt this potential traveler to explore this charming, exotic island with her luscious, green rolling hills, dotted with her many enchanting medieval castles, and become acquainted with her lyrical music, dancing entertainers such as her popular Riverdance, and her warm, friendly people who dwell within her historic cities and villages spread throughout this luscious landscape. Although my husband frequently traveled to Ireland on business and has often shared his love of this friendly country, we have not been able to travel to this enchanted land as a couple. Ireland and her unique culture filled with history, music, and laughter continue to beckon me as a much-desired destination.
During my husband’s career, busy, modern cities called my husband to Ireland, and now I dream of an opportunity to visit those hustling centers of commerce and business. However, for me, much of the charm of this destination is her mix of cities and historic, folksy towns, which anchor her smaller villages and coastal communities. I would hope to enjoy an evening of Irish storytelling, set against a backdrop of traditional Irish music and traditional dance. What a delight it would be to explore some of Ireland’s castles and listen to the legends that grew and developed over the ages!
Life enriching narratives told by local experts would further delight me should we be able to join tours of historical sites such as the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle or the Uragh Stone Circle in Kerry. Strolls along cobbled alleyways of Dublin would take us to Ireland’s oldest university, Trinity College, home of the beautiful 1200-year-old Book of Kells made by Celtic monks, Dublin Castle with its lavish gardens, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral with its rich history of kings and the renowned author Jonathan Swift. Like other shamrock lovers, we would hope to travel along the Ring of Kerry and its winding coastal roads along Ireland’s beaches and mountainous lake regions of Killarney National Park, all close to Killarney. A visit to the Medieval Norman Castle, Kilkenny Castle, or the historic town and glassworks of Waterford would be additional sites to treasure. These would provide enriching lessons of Irish history, geography, architecture, and lore.
Ireland is also in my blood. This beautiful country is the homeland of some of my ancestors and now beckons me to her shores where I could explore the Celtic life that still circulates in my very cells. What a joy it would be to return to their homeland to taste that culture, feast on the delights of her cuisine and music and rich landscapes, and explore this country where some of my familiar roots first grew.
It would be a grand delight to be awarded this magical prize that would take us to this charming land of enchantment and legendary stories. Along with my husband, I could finally achieve this dream of a fabulous, life-changing and fulfilling voyage. It is definitely on my “bucket list” and I would love for us to be the fortunate couple chosen to experience this fantasy trip together.

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