St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Family Is Everything

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Ireland has always been my daughter’s dream to visit one day! IRELAND, IRELAND, IRELAND, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times! She has whispered this prayer since she was in her early teens. She has always said she would one day marry an Irishman. She began dating a young man after high school and is still with him today, and after searching his ancestry records, low and behold it turns out Okie is an Irishman! The McCart family originated from Ireland. We shall see if a wedding is in their future, and I am certain that it will have an Irish theme! Her dad told her he would be wearing a kilt and that would surely be a sight to see! Anna Lee graduates with her four year college degree from Mercer University – Macon, Georgia in May. She has made the President and Dean’s List all four years. We are so proud of her accomplishments! March 17th has always been a special day for my family and I, it is the day we celebrate the birth of the lady that gave birth to my brothers and I. My mother Roma Lorraine, who is now deceased, was born on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th! My grandmother named her after a ship that she had seen at the port in Brunswick, Georgia in 1945. My mom’s eulogy stated that she was named after a ship, and she had sailed through many storms, was born on St. Patrick’s Day and always had the luck of the Irish, overcoming so many obstacles and cheating death numerous times. No words spoke more truth than those spoken that cold January day in 2009. She survived a thirty-eight hour brain surgery to stop the bleeding of two brain aneurysms and was considered a miracle by all the doctors in Augusta, Georgia. She once drove her car into a pond trying to dodge a snake on the dirt road she was driving down. My silly mom! Heaven sure gained their lucky charm when my mom entered the pearly gates. St. Patrick’s Day is a special day of celebration for us! We love the parades & the bagpipes. Our favorite color is green! We proudly wear our crocheted shamrock as part of our attire for the day. A few months ago, our life changed forever. On December 31, 2015, we lost our 35 year old son and Anna Lee’s brother, Kipp very tragically and we are all so devastated! The loss of a mother is very hard to endure but losing a child is torture! God makes no mistakes and I know our Kipp is dancing on the streets of gold. He was so much fun to be around, always making us laugh with a smile that was contagious to everyone he came in touch with and I know he would be our traveling angel if we are lucky enough to be chosen for this trip. It would be such a blessing for Anna Lee and I….we need some good luck and blessings sent our way! We need Ireland to bring some of our joy back! This would be an awesome graduation gift and a wonderful surprise of a lifetime for our daughter Anna Lee whom we adore! Family is everything!

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