St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Giving Back

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I’m sure you’ll see my name listed with this post as I see there’s a place and such for me to type it in (First, Last, Email etc) – But what you won’t see is that my maiden name is Doyle.
Kaitlyn Ann Doyle, Daughter of Kevin Doyle- as if anything more needs to be said about WHY I want to visit as my last name is just about as Irish as it gets without putting an ” O’ ” in front of it- This trip and the inspiration for my doing this essay is my Father- My father’s side of the family is Irish through and through, and I know that one of his biggest dreams other than having three children who take care of themselves and are happy etc, is to go to Ireland but my Dad has always put us first- and when the recession hit, his small business took the brunt of it and needless to say- It has been myself, my husband and one of my brothers who have been doing the financial supporting for my father- I am grateful to be able to give back to my Dad but I want to be able to do more than just pay the bills, I want to take him to fulfill his dream- His birthday is March 31st and he’ll be 62 years old. He is the inspiration for winning this contest and he is the reason I have wanted to visit Ireland my entire life.

All my life I have read books, been in St. Patrick’s Day parades, Gotten Celtic tattoos, Celebrated my Irish heritage with a Celtic themed wedding, and now I feel is my chance, and probably my father’s only chance, at getting to really experience where my family really truly came from. The stories of our family crossing over to Ellis Island and remembering all the words to every song they sang about it from artists like ‘the Wolfe Tones’ to “”Blackthorne “”- I can still recollect being in middle school and being asked by the other kids why the hell I was listening to such weird music on my portable CD player.

My Father has a sign hanging in his business, it been there since before I was born, The sign is from 1861 or so- It was apparently taken from a business that had it displayed during the Anti- Irish Sentiment, it reads “NO IRISH NEED APPLY”. I was educated early on in life about the prejudices and scrutiny that my fore fathers had to endure in order to provide a better future for their children, and their children’s children and so on and so forth- Making it possible for myself and my brothers to live the life we do today, the life where we can give back to our father during this time of financial difficulties and hopefully spoil him with this trip- I am Irish and I am applying 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry and as the Irish blessing always said, “As you slide down the Bannister of life, May the splinters never point the wrong way .”

Sincerely Hopeful,
Kaitlyn Doyle King

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