St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Imagine Ireland

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I can’t imagine any single human being seeing a picture of Ireland and not thinking it was one of the most beautiful, authentic places on earth. I would describe my thoughts of visiting Ireland as mesmerizing- I feel the pilgrim soul of Yeats and long to visit this place of my dreams called Ireland.

The rocky cliffs with the breathtaking views remind me of W.B. Yeats wanting to ride the wind with the fairies to escape the world and dance on top of the mountains! I imagine smiling ear-to-ear when I first see the lush green beauty of the Irish countryside and discover the wit, sarcasm, and charm of the Irish people.

Beauty aside, the history and heritage of Ireland are older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids – that’s thousands of years! Ireland is captivating and thought to provoke in many ways. First of all, Ireland has its stories of kings and castles, the folklore of giants and leprechauns, and the chance to kiss a stone and get the “gift of gab”; but, it also calls me to experience the deep rich history of religion, Vikings, Normans, and wars for independence and survival. Secondly, I imagine Ireland to be a curious, intriguing and mystifying place full of awe and wonder; with people who are peaceful, calm and comforting, and are not afraid to laugh at you or themselves. I imagine even the animals are friendly in Ireland; what animal would not be delirious after enjoying the green countryside Ireland has to offer.

I must have some Irish heritage because I see the color green and I think of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day! I am intrigued by the history of the Celtics and their love of the number 3 with its mystical powers; how folklore tells of St. Patrick touting the “three leaf clover” or Shamrock to demonstrate the Christian concept of the Trinity to the Celtics. So thought provoking to think this the beginning of Christianity in Ireland. My favorite story of St. Patrick is that he drove the snakes out of Ireland – I hate snakes – thus my great fascination with St. Patrick!

I want to visit the cathedrals, the missions, the towns and the pubs to soak up everything Ireland has to offer. The archeology and ruins call me to learn the origins and culture of the settlers of Ireland. I want to drive the backroads, visit the fishing villages and bike the forest trails and scenic coastlines. The names of the towns in Ireland are just so intriguing to my imagination: Dingle, Cork, Killarney, Kilkenny, the Skellig Islands – what fun words to say! I just have to know how these towns got their names, especially a town named Limerick! Books and music of Ireland such as the iconic Gulliver’s Travels, U2, and Van Morrison create a need in my soul to see this wondrous place that lays claim to amazing and talented artists of all kinds.

Leave it to the Irish to have the best holidays as well! I don’t think there is a place in the world where St. Patrick’s day is not an exuberant celebration. People enjoy themselves with parades and fun events when the 17th of March comes around each year. Do you think most people know that we are celebrating the death of a Saint? The history of St. Patrick includes stories of him escaping imprisonment and being granted freedom by presenting his captors with gifts. I think a trip to Ireland would be an awesome gift to allow me to escape the imprisonment of everyday life as I know it. Maybe this is why St. Patrick’s Day such an exciting event – we are escaping the rigors of daily routines and just celebrating the freedoms of everyday life!

Finally, I want to enjoy Irish coffee and Jameson Irish whiskey in Ireland with some excellent Irish banter and a friendly argument of sorts! I want to enjoy listening to traditional Irish music and dancing a good Irish jig! Are the Irish this fun all the time? I hope so, and I hope I get to see and experience this for myself! Who doesn’t get all warm inside when you hear the words Liam Neeson, Irish Stew, and wet the tea? So whisper PlÌÁmÌÁs in my ear and tell me I’m going to Ireland!
Makes me happy out just thinking about a visit to Ireland. SlÌÁinte

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