St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Imagining the Emerald Island

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“I love history. There’s something very special about visiting a place that has its own story to tell. It’s own memories and moments that are revealed in the crumbling rock or worn brick. Ireland is a place rife with history and built with walls that are just waiting to speak to me. Places like Boyne Valley, Blarney Castle, and Trinity College.

Once I’m done talking to the stone walls in the Celtic castles, it’s probably about time for a pint, don’t you think? I am giddy with excitement at the thought of hitting the town and heading to the pubs. Some people might think that means I have a drinking problem, but I’m sure the Irish are much more understanding. Is it a requirement that the pubs play music I can stomp my foot to? I truly hope so because I envision a bar filled with men and women, both young and old. Beer glasses clattering against table tops and cutlery as people jump and dance and spin. Sorry, I may have been reimagining that scene from The Titanic. You know the one.

Once the fog lifts from my days in Dublin, I’ll head to the countryside to see Killarney National Park. I love being out in nature and always make outdoor adventure a focal point of my travels. As a Canadian, it’s absolutely astonishing to me that you can drive from one side of the country to the other in less than 4 hours. Sometimes it takes me that long to get home in Toronto traffic! These are the blessings that come with a small country.

I can’t wait to coast along the Ring of Kerry and take in the scenic beauty. I can imagine that the Google Image results don’t quite capture the essence of the island’s views. Seeing is believing – and I want to be a believer (Sidenote: Justin Bieber is Canadian and grew up an hour away from my hometown. Are you a belieber?).

There’s so many breathtaking spots to visit, I hope I don’t run out of time! The Cliffs of Moher seem like a must-see, but then again so does Connemara National Park. Glenveagh National Park is said to have a castle and wildlife – and that sounds like the perfect combination to make me feel like a princess!

I couldn’t leave Ireland without doing a bit of shopping for some new additions to my wardrobe. I’ve heard that Grafton Street is the place to be, but I’ll check with the locals (you know, when we’re becoming best friends at the pub) and get the inside scoop. I want to go home looking and feeling Dublin-chic!

Now that I’ve praised your country for its landscapes, fashion, and history, can we talk about food for a second? I’m not overly familiar with Irish foods, but is haggis as popular as I think it is? Or is that like when people ask Canadians if we live in igloos? Not trying to offend, only wanting to be an informed traveller! I want to live, breathe, and explore Ireland and all it has to offer (so maybe I’ll try the haggis after all).”

Dreaming of what your future trip to Ireland will be like? Will it include visiting as many castles as possible, celebrating life with a pint at the Guinness Storehouse, or even trying your hand (or feet, rather) at traditional Irish dancing? With all of the things to do in Ireland, we promise that we can create an itinerary that you will enjoy every minute.

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