St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Indescribable

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Ireland is where my story begins, my ancestors grew up there. I once heard a quote that said “you cannot know where you are going until you know where you came from”. I was lucky to grow up in a diverse place like Montreal, to have learned different cultures, languages, tasted different foods and experience a multitude of people. Yet the block like roads are incomparable to the winding roads of Ireland, the smell of city air is not like the fresh dew of rain or the view from a window is not one of oceans, or greenery. Ireland is the one place in the world that I am always going to be drawn to no matter where I am in the world.
Within the past year I have gone through a lot losing my aunt; a woman of true strength and loved by many. Her Nova synchronized skating team payed tribute to her memory with an Irish kiss routine ( ). My family has always been proud to be Irish, from them I learned that there is nothing better in life than being with friends, having a few drinks and a few good laughs. Time is unpredictable and you have to make the most of it.
I want to win this trip to Ireland because I would not feel like a tourist, it is a place that welcomes you open arms to live like the everyday folks. Just being above it in a plane you can tell Ireland is filled with beautiful places and beautiful people. It has a rich history you can feel in the air, from the potato famine to the diversity between Catholics and Protestants which is tragically fascinating. The architecture varies from town to town with street art, colorful doors to castles and castle ruins, with natural architecture of trees bent in every way. Furthermore Ireland is about the scenery from the colorful streets of Dublin, to the small towns hidden in green, to the ocean views, rocky islands and every sheep in between. The people are often friendly and interesting, and the pubs always serve Guinness. The comfort food and fresh sea food daily, is mouth-wateringly good.
I want to visit Ireland because my parents fell in love in Ireland. They bought the Claddagh ring representing love, loyalty and friendship symbolized through the heart, crown and hands holding it together, they later used the rings as their wedding bands. I would love the opportunity to bring my partner with me to Ireland, to show him where I came from, what I love and start our own story together.
Ireland cannot be described in 500 words because it is not a place you describe, it is a place you visit, see, smell and feel at home in. It is the place you have always wanted to go even if you don’t know it yet. Ireland is not another trip you where you lie in the sun, it is a place you explore, and feel as though this is the first time you are truly seeing the world, it is a place of wonder and new beginnings.

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