St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Ireland: A Dreamland

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Ireland. Even though it is a land unbeknownst to me, its rolling emerald hills and lush greenery are the frequent settings of my dreams. In my dreams, I wander its brooding castles and beckoning shorelines as if I were a ghost of the past with an unsettled business there. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps I am a ghost, or at least, a reincarnation of one of those homesick drifters. I feel it deep in my bones that I’m meant to be apart of this place. Even if it is just for a short while.

A place with such a rich history and culture is sure to fascinate anyone, and I am no exception to this notion. For years and years, I have dreamed of visiting (in person and not in my dreams!) the enchanting and bewitching country that is Ireland. As a child, I was told beautiful and sometimes terrible tales that still captivate me to this day. In my mind, I revisit these tales only to become more and more taken with their subject. It seems that I have been entranced by the image of Ireland, and I hope fervently to be able to see its vibrancies with my own two eyes.

There are so many places that I would love to be able to visit, but Ireland has always been at the top of my list. Perhaps it is foolish of me to stake so much of myself on one location–why wouldn’t I want to travel somewhere else? Somewhere exotic and geared more towards tourists? Spain, or Italy, or China? In answer to that, I would only be cheating myself if I were to go to any of these places before visiting Ireland. I would be lying to myself by saying that they are better than Ireland, more beautiful. It’s all a matter of opinion, but I believe that Ireland has a certain charm that the others don’t. An untouched, natural beauty. I long to walk along the pure black sand and gaze out over the oh-so-vast ocean. I want to stand at the edge of a cliff and experience the exhilaration and adrenaline of feeling invincible. I want to interact with the inhabitants of this foreign country, learn their ways, and I want so badly to feel the magic that is so obviously present there. But most of all, I desire to finally be in a place that feels right. To have a peace of mind about who I am and where I’ll be going with my life. It may sound silly, but this land is calling to me, and I know that whenever I get the chance to go, it will not disappoint me.

At the risk of sounding like an insufferable romantic, I must tell you that my heart belongs to Ireland. I have never been in person, in fact, I have never even been outside the Continental United States. But let me state firmly that that will certainly not stop me from loving a land that is full of wonders, from its inhabitants to its landscapes. Thank you for reading this dramatic but entirely meaningful “soliloquy.” May the road rise to meet you because I sure hope it will rise to meet me.

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