St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Ireland Calling

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“Ireland is where strange tales begin and happy endings are possible”, states Charles Haughey on the subject. I try to wrap my finger around what makes Ireland such a magical and beautiful country, but I can’t. Is it my ancestral connections? Is it that generations ago, my family had made the leap to leave the safety of their homeland to make a better life for future generations? Or perhaps it’s the wondrous landscapes that don’t seem to be given justice through a small computer screen. The breathtaking Cliffs of Moher seems to call my name. Smelling the salt water and feeling the rocks underneath my feet would be a wondrous experience. I would hike the Killarney National Park and experience the enchanting landscapes that make Ireland more than just a country with beautiful accents.
What would a trip to Ireland be without seeing the roots of Guinness beer? Touring the factory, drinking the different types of beer, and experiencing an Irish cultural icon would be a dream come true. I would love to learn how to pour a proper pint, so I can bring this knowledge home to America to share with my friends and family. These are the most important life lessons, after all. After touring Guinness, I would enjoy some classic Colcannon and champ and experience the Irish staple of potatoes. I have tried several variations of Irish soda bread, which have been passed down for generations on a hand-written, dough-covered piece of paper that seems to be irreplaceable. I was told that rewriting it would change the authenticity, after all. My favorite sweets always include enjoying a hearty helping of Irish whiskey cake (everything is better with a little alcohol), and some orange and lemon Carrageen pudding.
If chosen for this prize, I would finally be able to visit the Kinnitty castle and experience a medieval castle from 1209. That kind of history and architecture does not exist in the farmlands of Ohio! Relaxing by the fires and visiting the Library Bar would top my experiences. I have always been fascinated by the life of castles and medieval times, and would fantasize about it as a child. Of course, what stay would be complete without a trip to the Dungeon Bar to experience my first authentic Irish Pub? It wouldn’t be Ireland without a trip to the pub! Listening to the traditional music in the background would make for an experience of a lifetime. I have heard countless stories about how important a trip to the pub is for Irish social life. I would finally be able to have my own stories about visiting an Irish pub, and then pass this on to my children someday as well. What more could a girl want in life? Not to mention, I would love to be able to see city-life in Dublin and have the chance to meet some friendly Irish folks. After all, Irish friendliness and hospitality is one of the main reasons I find the “Emerald Isle” to be as intriguing as it is.

Is a trip to Ireland calling your name? Maybe it’s the amazing food, or the warm welcome you’ll get from friendly locals, or the rich history that lives within the walls of the many castles of the land. Whatever it is, Authentic Vacations is dedicated to helping you follow it. If you’re not sure what would interest you most, take a look at our list of Authentic Ireland Experiences! 

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