St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Ireland Holds My Heart

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On the night, cross bearing shields trudge an Ivy castle of unbelief. Fire blaze to the screams of women’s’ and children’s’ grief. In panic, chosen flee, save three. One taken of spoils fun; two left trapped in a fiery undone. Chaos looms over the mass that flies through a bar gate, fastening the three’s fate. Sealed within their hidden path, the two weep for the past. Lost to time, two still wait hidden within the crime.

Long has this crossed my mind’s eye; a dream that seems so real. I do not know if this may be true, yet, in thought of ancestral ties hidden drives me to find the truth. Much of my ancestral line goes through the royals of Ireland and there are records we cannot find. Through genealogy I have become fascinated with my Irish descendants; their culture, myths, and the breath taking land. Through the past I hope to find out more about myself.

I love how Irish tradition and culture, still today, has been influence from the religions of the past. Each tradition helps bring people in the community together, much like a family, to share what they hold dear. Whether it’s the bond fires on Samhain for Paganism or St. Patrick’s Day for Christianity there are a time full of life and cheer.

The land of Ireland is rich in myths and legends, one of my favorite parts about history. From the Tuatha DÌ© Danann, who say to have become the Fae, to Fionn mac Cumhaill and his heroic tales. Ireland has been the heart to many legends about the Fae. Many great works have been influenced by Ireland mythology; such as George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin, Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market and the Goblin and J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Their influence still effects the minds of fantasy literature today.  I, myself, have been drawn to the tales of old and they do influence my stories; that I hope one day to be published.

Gentle breeze in Ireland’s green hills, need I say more? Ireland is the apple of the eye to any person who appreciates the outdoors or who is a painter. The dramatic cliffs of Moher, the flowing Hill of Tara, to the carved swirls of Boyne Valley; Ireland is a rich place that can capture anyone’s mind and heart. Not only do they have breathtaking natural and historical scenery, but the modern sights, like Trinity College and Galway City, are amazing to see as well.

To see the land with my own eyes would be a dream come true. Being able to travel to the place they walked, see the places they lived, get lost within the myths and legends of old, become more inspired in writing and get a taste of what it’s like to be in the ancestral land. How I wish to have the opportunity to go and hope to find myself there. For the past is considered wise when we look to the future.”

You don’t have to be Irish or even have Irish descendants to feel connected to Ireland and all it has to offer. It can be pretty hard to dislike the rolling countryside, rugged coastlines, grand Ireland Castles, and one-of-a-kind culture. Find what fascinates you about Ireland with our list of Ireland Activities – then give us a call to start planning your dream vacation today!


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