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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Irish Blessing

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Ireland means history, home, peace, love, and most importantly, it will always be a part of me. While I was not born there, my ancestors were, I feel as if I am always missing a part of me, as I am not able to afford to go and experience my history. Throughout all my life, my mind has always been on Ireland.

I want to experience the kindness, the giving, the history, and the warmth and love of the Irish people. I have heard that the people of Ireland are welcoming and warm to visitors and always willing to stop and help. I would love to experience and find out where my family once lived and what they did many, many decades and centuries ago. I would love to experience the beauty of Ireland’s buildings and scenery, and take it all in and make some amazing memories there.Ireland means family, history, hope, peace, love, warmth, kindness, and serenity, just to name of few things. It means everything to me. It is where I came from, in many ways, and where I hope to go someday. As my grandma is from the Hennessy clan and my grandfather is from the Maloney clan, I want to experience both family histories.  My dad, God rest his soul, never experienced Ireland before he died from cancer, 11 years ago, but it is my wish to do so, for him. Every day he would sing either “Danny Boy” or “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” to me, and his voice and those words always brought me joy. Not to hear his voice anymore, brings me sadness. My mom is not Irish, but we have adopted her into our Irish heritage. I am trying to get her to memorize the “Irish Blessing” and told her that will be inscribed on her tombstone someday. She laughs at me. That way she will have it forever. She still has not memorized it.

I want to find that part of me that is in Ireland. I want to run in the green grass, take a walk by Galway Bay, walk through the meadows with the sheep, and stand inside many of the majestic and historical castles and Cathedrals. I would like to go to ALL of the historical places in Ireland, or as many as possible, and even go listen to the local musicians playing Irish favorites. I have hazel eyes, like my Irish grandma, and even though I have never met her, my dad always said that my eyes reminded him of his mom. This is my Irish history.

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