St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Leaping for Leprechauns

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Leprechauns! I want to go to Ireland to meet the Leprechauns! I’ve heard they hide under every nook and cranny. Are they at the Blarney Stone? Are they under the green shamrocks that cover the rolling hills? I’m sure I can find them! I’ll look everywhere – the Cliffs of Moher, the Castles, the Ring of Kerry, the Giants’ Causeway. Well, maybe not at the Giants’ Causeway – I’m not sure leprechauns like giants. Maybe. I’m sure they’ll be on the Aran Islands and definitely at the Guinness Brewery! As I go around looking for them, I’ll watch out for my dead relatives who probably hang out here and there. It will be fun to find something out about them (the dead relatives) by visiting the churches and towns where they once lived. Some of them left Ireland during the “famine” because they’d been thrown off their farms. So unfair! I’d like to track down their farms and plant a tree for them! In between all this looking and searching, I’d like to walk along the beautiful beaches and smell the lovely Irish air – or it is Eire? Maybe I’ll rent a caravan and tour the countryside, find a place to dance, dance, dance! Or listen to some fancy fiddlin’ — or eat some wonderful Irish food. Maybe I’ll do it all! I’ve heard there are lots of sheep in Ireland – wouldn’t it be fun to find some with babies – baby sheep are so cute! Speaking of animals, there are special horses called Connemara ponies. Now I bet Leprechauns love them! Who couldn’t love them? I would be looking for some ponies, you can bet – with Leprechaun friends! In Dublin, where I’m not sure Leprechauns live, I’d have to see Trinity College and that beautifully illustrated Book of Kells (and the pretty Irish lasses and witty lads too, for sure), St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and of course Dublin Castle. I’d drop in to have another pint at Guinness again because I’m SURE leprechauns like Guinness! The Burren – now that’s a place I’m sure to find them – with all the butterflies that live in Ireland! What respectable leprechaun wouldn’t live there? There are also many birds, including a marten that eats meat (oh please, I hope not leprechauns) and tons and tons of plants (even orchids – who would think?) I’ve heard that Leprechauns are VERY OLD, so maybe the place to look would be Newgrange. It’s old. Really old. Like 5,000 years old. If Leprechauns don’t live there, then I just don’t know. But I’m sure they do, especially on the Winter Solstice. Leprechauns like magic and the sun shining through the slit at Newgrange on the Winter Solstice is pure magic. Now. I’m sure that I don’t know all the places to look. I’ll have to consult with natives, that being those folks who live in Ireland and know all the special places. Maybe I should start with them, don’t you think? After all, if they don’t know where Leprechauns live, who would? I think maybe the place to start is a country pub. One where there’s that lively Irish music, with jigs and reels and all that. Those people will know. I’m sure of it.

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