St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Live It Up!

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What intrigues me about Ireland is the fact that I am 36 years old and haven’t had the chance to visit one of the places of my heritage. I’m half Irish (with an uncle who has the coolest red hair, handlebar mustache, and a ton of freckles) and this place is on my bucket list. I want to know more about my roots, learn how to make corn beef hash from scratch (I’m a chef), try the authentic cuisine as well as taste things I’ve never had before, see castles, see a herd of sheep strolling through the streets, have a pint (I don’t even drink beer but will indulge in one just to say “I had a pint in Ireland”), take a dance class at the Dublin Dance Center or Dance House (I am also a professional hip hop dancer and a ton of my friends have been there for dance gigs and competitions and tell me it’s a place I must visit), and just be immersed in all the scenery. My mother is Irish and I always make fun of her for being so short. She is 5’1 and I’m 5’8. I call her a leprechaun all the time and am always asking where my pot of gold is haha! She has the red hair, green eyes, and freckles as well. The one thing that’s missing is that cool Irish accent.

Am I just trying to win a free trip? Nah. I am genuinely interested in my people! I want to wake up in the morning and yell “Top “o” the mornin’ to ya!” Can you imagine? Me, as a sheepherder? Comber potatoes and Abernethy Butter are calling my name! One thing to look forward to would probably be actually having to walk around to see the sights and not just drive. My legs might give out on me at some point but that’s the beauty of visiting such a beautiful place. I want to breathe in the fresh air, see the country folk, mingle and dance a jig or two with said country folk, let my hair down (it’s pretty big and curly already, oh and it’s red of course), and get lost in the countryside. I feel like this would be a true vacation. My home away from home. Photo opp’s galore! My Instagram and Facebook posts will be filled with every single meal I’ve eaten as well as the places I have gone. I would live it up in Ireland. Making memories is what it’s all about and this place would be an awesome addition to my life. Oh and the music. I love music and I know hearing some traditional Irish music would be classic! Guitars and fiddles and flutes and drums! I know I’m a hip hop dancer but music of all genres light up my life. We’re here on this Earth to learn about new things and cultures and meet new people and I feel like Ireland is just the place to do so!

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