St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Living a Fairy Tale

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“When I was a little girl, I got a book of Irish folk stories at the library. It drew me with its rich and unique depiction of characters, Leprechauns, and Banshees. It was dark and exciting and I instantly fell in love with all thing Irish.
Ever since then, I’ve always dreamed of visiting Ireland. Irish music and dancing fascinated me and when I became older I always found myself drawn to books about Irish history and Irish immigrants in New York and about hardships Irish people had to overcome over the past few centuries. I admired how despite their struggles they maintained their strong sense of culture and identity. Being Armenian I found many resemblances in our cultural struggles and rich history.
When I moved to the United States in my late teens to continue my education, I finally met some Irish students in college and heard their stories of their beautiful country with green lush hills, deep and rich heritage and history. I’ve told myself that if I ever set foot in Europe, I will start my tour by visiting Ireland.
After graduating from college I met a man I fell in love with, we got married and had three beautiful children. We both talked about making the trip someday, as my husband shared my interest and love for Ireland (with a special weakness for Irish beer•_). I had a friend living in Dublin who would have loved for us to visit. She often sent us photos that depicted the most beautiful scenery, hiking trails, Irish pubs (the real kind) and the rain‰Û_ the rain. How I love and miss the rain, living in California!
However, a cancer diagnosis a few years ago made us put on hold any vacation plans until I was able to go through chemo and went into remission last year. It seemed that each time we made a plan to go to Europe something stood in our way. But I feel that sooner or later I will make this trip of a lifetime and maybe ever take some Irish dance lessons too.
Now that my kids are old enough, I love to read to them the same Irish folk tales I read as little kids and they are equally fascinated and enchanted by these books. There is something about Irish culture that sets it apart from other European cultures and countries. It is hard to describe, but it stands out from the bunch in a way no others truly do. Again, maybe I do have a certain weakness for it because it reminds me of my of culture so much and the way it rose from the ashes every time and reinvented and rebirthed itself. How its people continue to sing and dance and love life despite all the challenges, wars and famines they have survived and come out only better, stronger and more united.
I truly hope I can win this trip because it would be a dream come true and I will fill that I have finally accomplished something I was hoping to do for the past 30 years. I have never been to any castles and going to visit one in Ireland, is definitely a bucket list item for anyone who loves Ireland and ever wishes to visit. Fingers crossed!”

Some fairytales aren’t so far from reality, while maybe a leprechaun isn’t the easiest to find, it’s not so farfetched to find yourself in an idyllic Ireland cottage in a little village in the countryside. Maybe your fairytale includes enjoying the rich history of the many Ireland Castles that speckle the emerald island. Whatever it is, our dedicated travel experts will be happy to tailor a tour that fits your personal interests, give us a call or chat with us today!

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