Torc Mountain behind Looscauragh Lough, from Moll's Gap Killarney Co. Kerry

St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Magical History of Ireland

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My fiancé and I have always been fascinated with Ireland since our ancestry both originates from there. His last name is Gibson, and he would love to get more details on his Irish heritage. He knows he has some Viking heritage, but would love to explore it more. As for myself, I studied Medieval English in college, and some of the historical places they talk about in Norse mythology would be amazing to see in person, for example, Knowth or Glencolmcille, which I heard has a weekend archeology school that would be awesome to attend! We would love to visit museums, such as the National Museum of Ireland, to see artifacts from over 9,000 years of human habitation, and learn more about the history of Ireland. I also really enjoy learning about monarchies, and seeing places, such as the Hill of Tara, Dunluce Castle or The Rock of Cashel would be awesome! I’d also like to visit many of Ireland’s stunning cathedrals as the country has such a rich, religious history.

In addition to these, we both love that Irish culture is ingrained with stunning folklore, from Water Horses (ie. Kelpies) to the Tuatha De Danann. We would love to visit a country that has magic embedded into its soul, and actually get the chance to visit some of these magical and mythical places.  Being large fantasy nerds ourselves, we are also aware that some of our favorite movies & television shows were filmed in Ireland, which include Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Skellig Michael Island), Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (Cliffs of Moher), Braveheart (Trim Castle), and let’s not forget Game of Thrones (Belfast & Northern Ireland).

We’d love to be able to get out and see the stunning landscapes of Ireland.  Since I’m an amateur photographer, taking photos of the landscapes would be a real pleasure. One place that has always been on my bucket list is the world heritage site, Skellig Michael. To be able to walk there, and take pictures of the cliffs and ocean view would be an experience of a lifetime, not to mention hopefully getting photos of the puffin colony that lives around there. I’d also like to visit the Killarney National Park as another way to get out and enjoy the wilderness, while also satisfying my guilty photographer’s pleasure. My fiancé would enjoy this too, as he’s only traveled to Mexico, so the different landscapes would be breathtaking for him.

On a more fun note, both my fiancé and I collect whiskeys, and some of his favorite distillers are in Ireland, including Jameson, Writers Tears and Tyrconnell. We’d love to be able to visit some of these distilleries to see how whiskey is made, along with spending a night or two at a whiskey pub sampling all the wonderful peaty flavors! Further to that, my fiancé’s favorite beer is Guinness, so he would love to take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin while we’re there.

Ireland is an absolutely stunning country, filled with rich cultural heritage, amazing mythology, and stunning landscapes, not to mention great comfort foods. To be able to visit, and find out more about a country to which we both come from would not only be an eye-opening experience for us, but an experience that we could tell our future children about.

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