St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Meet Me Halfway

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In March of last year, I got out of a 5-year relationship. It was devastating. He had proposed to me the year before . We were going to plan our lives together. After that, I never thought that I would fall in love again. I have struggled with depression ever since then. Out of the blue, when I wasn’t even looking, I met someone. Someone that became a very good friend to me. I never even thought that it would be more then that. We talked about life, love, living the way we want and not letting others dictate it, how we felt so out of place in this world of robots and sheep and how music makes life so much brighter. He has a wonderful voice and I love to sing as well. We love the classic stuff like Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire. Music brought us together on a spiritual level. After getting to know each other better for awhile, he confessed his love for me by simply saying “I love you”. I was in shock. Disbelief. I didn’t see it coming at all. Especially since I Iost what I thought I would never have again. That being the other half of my heart. It took a bit for me to say it back for obvious reasons. Eventually, I did and I could only cry because it felt so warming, wonderful and I started realizing that this journey I was about to take will not be a lonely one. The best stories about love is when the person finds it without even looking.When that person thinks that all has failed. That person was me. We have a long distance relationship but we have been together for a year now. It gets harder and harder everyday do to that fact that the price of living is high so I am not able to see him. I have not been getting hours at my job and he lost his job so it will be a long time until we see each other. I need this trip because I want our first time seeing each other to be a time we will never forget. When ever we talk on the phone and video chat, we get butterflies that makes us feel like we will never find another. The first date, the first time seeing that one person you love so dearly always brings out those butterflies that literally makes you feel as if your flying. The fact that it would be in Ireland would be an experience of a life time. A place that I have always wanted to go to because of its natural beautiful of landscapes with land formations, old castles, unique foods, and traditions. It would be perfect for us to get away, spend our first time together in such a wonderful setting and forget about the hard times of life. I’m praying that I win this trip for us and he is praying too because even though we have never seen each in person, we alway say that we miss each other. We both found each other without even looking. Holding each other and living in the moment together is what we need more then anything and this trip together will prove that miracles can happen. Thank you very much for reading this story.

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