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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Missing Out

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The older I get, the more I feel I don’t always fit in here in here where I call home. It is like I am from another place, and in that place I would feel right. As I figure it, finding this place could solve all my problems. Maybe if I list out the things that seem off, I can use this to find this place.

There is too much sun and not enough wind where I live.  I like a good gale and some clouds to protect my eyes. I have so many nice sweaters and raincoats that I don’t get to wear enough here. The highways and roads are too wide here.  I am all over the place when I drive. I’m looking for some challenging roads with no shoulder and lots of sheep to keep me interested. Things are not old enough here. We are lucky to go back 300 years and we have no real castles.  This makes me sad.  I need some real history… some world history.  I like to talk to people when I see them.  When I start up a conversation here people seem to think I want something from them.  I need a place with friendly and fun loving people who can tell a good story. My home is kind of brown and it is too far between oceans.  I would like to be somewhere green with more dramatic coastlines. While I do enjoy a good drive through the country, I like my cities to be best experienced on foot.  There are not enough walking cities and towns here. Simple tasks can cause confusion here. When I schedule a business meeting I run in to trouble.
“ conference room A? “, they ask me.

“No, meet me at the pub” I say.  Then I get a funny look.  This must be ok somewhere…

I enjoy a drink with friends more than anything else. I am loyal to both to a fault. A lot of people I meet would rather spend all their time working, but not me.

So, these are my problems that make me think I need to set out on an adventure to a new place. Can you help me find it? Is there a place to heal my soul?  I need a green land where I can take off and drive though rolling hills on tiny roads and always be a short drive from the sea.  I need historic and lively cities I can get to know on foot, and stop into a pub for business or to relax, surrounded by friendly people having a good time.  I need to sleep in a place that has more stories to tell than I can imagine.

It sounds like a fairy tale but I know it exists. With the passing of my dad who gave me my Irish blood, I feel the need to return to where we are from; to seek out people and places I have only heard about from a past I don’t yet know. To Ireland.

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