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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Achieving Nirvana

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This St. Patrick’s Day contest entry is from “Nani” who has felt magnetically drawn to Ireland through Nirvana and other Irish symbolism.  Nani, sorry you weren’t our winner but we’d be happy to hook you up with a special discount so you can experience the beautiful emerald island of your dreams.  Reach out to one of our travel specialists to plan that Ireland vacation.


It is kind of crazy why my dream has always been to travel to Ireland, but if you could ask any person who knows me they will say that two things may define me: this dream and that I’m a very big fan of Nirvana. The beautiful “emerald island” with its huge fields and neverending roads, its great cliffs and amazing castles.

While I grew up, music, mostly Rock N’ Roll has been very important to me, something mystical is melt each time I listen to my favorite bands; a curious thing is that out of my top list only one band is linked to Ireland: Nirvana, here is where everything started: with a blue eyed guy singing a love revolution to the world. Kurt Cobain’s blood (leader of the band) was Irish, Kurt himself did his own research to the origin of his last name and this research ended up in Cork, an Irish town. When I was a teenager my notebooks used to be totally covered by pictures of Nirvana even when I got to college, where through studying a creative career the signals were taking a clearer form; when finishing college my mother gave to me a gift: a four leafs clover shaped ring; on a birthday my best friend surprised me with the precious ring of Claddagh as a symbol of our friendship.

After the death of a beloved person I got myself a brilliant and beautiful pendant also shaped as a four leafs clover which I use as an amulet, I think it gives me strength. A great book which I chose randomly surprised me with the fact that the story is about a sorceress who happens to be in Ireland and whose story begins in March, the month of my birthday, this book made long Irish green forests and the smell of the cold sea breeze on the island. The first time I traveled out of Mexico to see a Rock band’s concert, after the show I went to a party and I met three Irish friends who I would really love to visit.

The signals were growing and when I traveled to New York (a trip that really thrilled me) I visited the Saint Patrick’s cathedral, it was impressive to me, I couldn’t stop contemplating it, I stared at it and felt its unique beauty; now I understand why I was so thrilled, it is there where I met the love of my life who also happens to descend from an Irish family.

As I said since the beginning, this may sound a little crazy but this is the story of how throughout my life it has been taking me slowly and closer to Ireland, like a magnet, as if I had to do something there. To be in Ireland and perceive its essence will be at the same time closing a time of my life and opening a new door to a beautiful country which people have suffered too lighthouses which despite the storms that may have come to them are there for those who are lost in the sea and need to go back home.

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