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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: I Promise

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I never thought much about my ancestors beyond my own grandparents until recently. I started asking questions about my heritage and came up empty handed. No one knew a whole lot about our family except that at one point they came to Canada from Ireland. I did some research and found out that my ancestors came across from Ireland sometime after 1832 but before 1862. Upon pin pointing these dates and the area they came from, I have been emailing a couple from Sligo, Ireland who have taken on my hunt with me.  They have no family ties, but have shown me such great kindness.

I have my great great great Grandparents rocking chair that came across the seas on the ship when they emigrated to Canada, as well as some very special dishes which I pull out for family occasions. Each one is so unique and special. On each one my grandmother wrote who they belonged to and when it came into our family. I would love to explore Ireland and my heritage as well as to meet the lovely couple (Charles and Crista) who have taken me under their wing and helped with information. Ireland intrigues me. I want my sons to know where they are from and how important Ireland is to our family.  My husband is also of Irish decent, so we have so much to learn. Ireland is the place where my history was started. My family history, struggles, loves, and life all started with a couple falling in love in Ireland.

I want to be able to connect with the land and feel my Irish roots take growth beneath my feet. To feel the breeze in my veins. Breath the air that gave me life. I want to experience all Ireland has to offer. From the Cliffs of Dover to Dingle and Cork, I want to experience it all. I feel a great desire to walk on the streets that my great great great grandparents, aunts and uncles walked. I want to explore the grave yards and lay flowers on the headstones of my relatives. I want to have a pint of Guinness in a place that still plays the game of rings. I will wear my green makeup on St. Patrick’s Day with pride and shout in the streets with glee. Maybe I’ll even need to tinkle in the bushes with the sheep on my way home from a night at the pub, if I’ve done it right that is.

I promise to spend my money at the Waterford Crystal factory, and honestly, most of the stores I set foot in. I promise to struggle understanding the locals, and laugh at our attempts to sound smart, when really we’ll know we sound stupid. I will know to ask where the “jacks” are and I will not ask for the toilet!!  I’m sure a night at the pub will have us all in tears with laughter. I plan to be ‘Happy out’ after being ‘wrecked’ from a night out. I promise to take in all I can from a trip to Ireland and leave no Blarney stone uncovered or unkissed!  Hopefully the luck of the Irish will be with me, and I will be having my pint in no time at all.  Mheara thrasnaigh! (Fingers crossed!)

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