St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Reinvigorate the Soul

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I am writing this as my amazing husband sleeps so he doesn’t know what I am trying to do for him. I have been to Ireland once and it is my favorite place in the world, the sights are amazing and the people are so welcoming. My favorite experience was going to Blarney Castle and kissing the Blarney Stone, something I really want Devin to be able to experience also. This would be his dream honeymoon vacation, as a kid, he had books of Ireland and always dreamed of going. Both of his great, great grandmas were from Ireland and he really loves his heritage, he even bought me a Claddagh ring when we got together.

My husband and I have been though a lot of things since we have been together, six amazing years, the best years of my life filled with so much love and support. We started dating in December and were engaged in April, and then married in July. Devin was in the Navy as an E2 so we couldn’t afford to have a wedding but thanks to our amazing parents we were able to have a beautiful wedding. When we first got together before our wedding we could barely afford anything, we had hand-me-down furniture, our couch futon was broken and had to sit on top of Devin’s subwoofer because there was no leg. Devin even sold his laptop and PSP without me knowing to help pay for bills so we could make it while I went to school and looked for a job. After we got married we couldn’t afford a honeymoon so we never got to go anywhere, and to this day we still have never been able to go on a vacation because of moving and starting a new career and the money issues never seem to get any easier.

We spent the next 5 years in 29 palms, or the devil’s armpit, where we went though one seven month deployment together, hardest 7 months of both of our lives but he came back to me safe. After five years of the military and being forced to have 29 palms as both his duty stations we moved to Huntington Beach because Devin was interviewing with Orange Police Department and they said he had it for sure. But that wasn’t meant to be and after leading him on for a few weeks they said that he wouldn’t be a police officer with them. He had to take another job in the area he hated to pay for our bills and crazy high rent for the area.

Thankfully Devin is going to school to get his Masters in Computer Information Systems and Digital Forensics with the GI Bill so the money from that has kept us afloat and being able to pay our bills with his new job as a software engineer. But the GI bill was coming to an end and he still wasn’t making enough at his job to support us, and my photography was only bringing in so much. I am starting a job now as a preschool teacher after taking the classes and getting certified so I can help with the bills and still pursue my photography passion. He has always wanted me to do what makes me happy and tried to give me everything, and I just want to give him everything he wants.

We have had a very rough few years, and it feels like we are never going to get out of the hole that is never having enough money to do anything but pay bills. Devin has never even been to anywhere other than Afghanistan for his deployment. We always talk about going on a cruise or to Ireland but then money gets in the way or another obstacle that we have to deal with and it has never happened. I would love nothing more than to say thank you to this amazing man, I have never met anyone so kind hearted and giving as my husband and I would love to just go on a late honeymoon with him. Please, please help me surprise him with this amazing trip, I want him to know how much he means to me and that I will do absolutely anything to make the man of my dreams, my other half, my soul mate happy.

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