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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry – Selfless Sibling

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Our next favorite entry comes from Sam who didn’t enter the contest for his own selfish reasons but rather wanted to bless his sister and brother-in-law with a vacation to Ireland.   Sorry you didn’t win, Sam, but we will give you a special discount on a trip to Ireland as a consolation prize.  Just reach out to one of our travel specialists.


I would like to enter for my brother-in-law, Brett, his information listed below, to send him and my sister on his dream vacation. Since I have known him, Brett has always talked about his dream of visiting Ireland. Besides being of Irish descent, the mystery, wonder, and personality of Ireland have always been a draw for him. It would seem that Ireland and Brett and have a lot in common, sans being exceedingly green in color, except when he has had a little too much to drink that is. He is constantly reading historical novels of medieval times and spoke of how awesome it would be to visit some of the castle ruins of Ireland, as if to step back into time to a different period, Ireland being one of the few places to do so.

Ireland is a different world from the city he lives in now, and Brett would love to slow things down and enjoy the simpler things in life, a good beer, good friends, and good times, all of which, many times before he has fondly talked of Ireland being able to provide for him. Now that is not say that while there, the leprechaun in him might just sneak out and he may cause some mischief of his own, though hopefully my sister will keep out of too much trouble, though you never can tell with those sneaky leprechauns.

The other major thing he has in common with Ireland is beer. Not only would go out of his mind and maybe become a little tipsy, pub hoping, but it would probably inspire his creativity in his own brewing. He is very creative when it comes to brewing his own beer, and I am sure he would like to add a whole other spectrum of flavors and tastes of Ireland to his recipe repertoire. He is not afraid to try new things and Ireland is definitely the place to try things when it comes to beer. Speaking of tastes, the food would be another draw for him, again, being the adventuresome type, he would love to explore the culinary arts, and again bring that part of Ireland back home with him, yup, he cooks too.

On a more serious note, I know that he would thoroughly enjoy the history and beauty that Ireland has to offer. From what I know, he is one to truly appreciate historical tours and places. The myths and lore of these places would not be lost on him. He loves to explore and Ireland has many miles of trails and nature to discover. With his busy work schedule, I don’t think he gets much of a chance anymore to read and explore history as he would like, and I think, if we were so lucky as to win, that this trip would provide the perfect escape for him. I also think it would give him and my sister the relaxation and break from their busy world they need, and a great opportunity for them to bond some more. For him, Ireland is the dream of a life time. Thanks for providing the chance for me to blow the socks off of them by giving my brother-in-law this dream fulfilling opportunity.  Sam.


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