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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Sharing Learned Lessons

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Why travel to Ireland? To experience the Irish history, living, and wonderful sightseeing adventures. I am a college student and I have always wanted to travel to Ireland. It is absolutely stunning. I love the rich history, beautiful land, and culture. Besides working five days a week, I am also a full-time college student devoting all my time into my education. I have not traveled anywhere and constantly dream about what it would be like to see the world before I am obligated to eventually devote all my time into my expensive education and a career. I am a Liberal Studies major and minor in Sociology. I want to teach elementary or higher level college students. It has always been my dream to devote my time to others. I study Sociology because I love learning about different societies and critical thinking. I am a strong believer in hope, I believe everyone has something special about them and I want to help people cherish their time on Earth and to be happy. Love your neighbor, your teachers, family even the bitter person that didn’t treat you very nice the other day.

I want to experience another culture, study everything about it, and learn how they live their amazing lives in Dublin, Lucan or even Sallybrook. Taking back what I learned in Ireland, I would share the lessons I would have learned on my travels including the stories and lifestyles. I am going on my third year in college and it makes me wonder what else is out there. I imagine feeling my heart beat with passion about the people, being welcomed in another country that I have yet to explore, sharing experiences with the people and learning from each other. I would strive to deeply learn about the history and what shapes their culture today from previous experiences and life changing moments. Going one step further, dreaming about taking that plane to Ireland with my boyfriend, best friend, companion, and experiencing a life changing trip together and see life in a new way. To create that special bond over traveling together and learning as much as we can by exploring the beautiful country. Eating the delicious cuisine, learning how to cook it someday, taking a journal with me to remember every moment and cherish it to present day and taking the wonderful lessons that were learned and apply it to everyday life.

Two summers ago, my two best friends traveled to Ireland for one week and then traveled to Europe from there. Hearing about the amazing stories they shared and looking through the beautiful pictures captured my attention and solidified that this was a country I wanted to see. The funny and sweet stories I heard were ones I couldn’t get out of my head. After meeting with them, I went home and did research about this new, attention grabbing, and mysterious place I wanted to learn more about. I researched as much as I could that night and I was convinced that this was a place I needed to go in order to cherish and love your life, reach your goals and experience your life in many different ways that shape the amazing person you are. Not taking life so seriously by devoting your life to work, bills, or grocery shopping. A trip to Ireland would be to experience life the way it was meant to be lived, loving your neighbor, exploring the world, and being the unique person you created yourself to be.

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