St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Beauty of Kindness

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One of my favorite Irish proverbs says, “A kind word never broke anyone’s mouth.” If everyone in this world could follow that proverb, we would all be in much better spirits. We have a tendency to hold back our thoughts and feelings, whether they are good thoughts or bad. If we could all be honest and open we would have much better connections and relationships to help us through this beautiful ride that we call life. An Irish person once said to me, “You are truly one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, and I wish you nothing but a beautiful life.” The kindness of that statement is something that has touched me in a way that many other words spoken to me have not. The person who spoke that to me was not someone I had known long at all, but the fact that this person was so genuinely honest and kind in their thoughts to a perfect stranger has always given me a thirst for Ireland that I can not quench. The beauty of Ireland’s people cannot be described through any amount of words. It can only be described in the feelings you have when surrounded with some of the most joyous, genuine and happy people on earth.
I long for Ireland not only because of the people, but also the natural beauty that everyone imagines when they think of Ireland. I can only imagine what the streets of Galway look like flocked with locals, or how beautiful the Wicklow Mountains look covered in green. The sheep scattered all through the countryside as you drive down the winding roads would be a dream to see. Most people would be impatient when stopped in the middle of the road due to sheep crossing, but not me. I would be happy to stop and take in all the beauty of Ireland that would surround me. Another sight I long to see is the Lakes of Killarney. The beauty of the lakes sitting at the base of rolling hills and the serenity that encompasses me just by looking at a picture of the lakes is something I long to feel in real life. There are many other facets of Ireland that I long for, but I would never have enough time to state them all. Ireland is a place that has to be seen in order to understand that magic it holds.
Being in Ireland means feeling alive. It would be a trip that would make me realize that dreams do not always have to stay dreams. I believe that one day I will be standing in Wicklow Mountain National Forest, basking in all of God’s glory and astounding beauty He has created. I also know that I will one day have the chance to stand on the Cliffs of Moher, and drive through little villages like Adare and Killarney. I hope that every one of us has a chance to visit the beautiful country and people of Ireland not only for the peacefulness of a vacation, but also to find what we have been missing.

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