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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Call of Ireland

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Can you hear it? Shhh –  close your eyes, be still –  Can you hear it? The wind as it touches the water? Can you hear it? As it passes by the green hills, can you hear it? It whispers “come meet me”. It whispers “I’m lucky”.

I am only 2% Irish (as no one is perfect). I have never left the Americas. What I have seen of Ireland was shown to me in movies, television shows, travel pictures, and the descriptive words of writers doing their best to put imagery to the page. I am a science fiction and fantasy fan who has found that, more often than not, Ireland is picked as the filming location for what is to be a magical or mysterious setting. What is it about Ireland? What is it about a place that makes location scouts and directors say “this is it –  this is the place we film to show our magic world.” Is it the hills? Is it the water? Is it the sky? The wind? The castles? The stones? The people? What is it about Ireland that translates into wonder? Translates into fantasy? Translates into mystery?
I could say that I want to visit Ireland so I can have answers to those questions. I could say that, but I know better. Something tells me that if I go there, the mystery won’t unfold. Something tells me I will leave even more intrigued with it than when I arrived. Still, would that be so bad? Maybe that’s the point of Ireland. Maybe that is why people come back again and again. Maybe that is why film-makers invariably make it the setting for their magical stories. Isn’t it better to go somewhere that already has a magic of its own? If you find that place, isn’t it better to always wonder where that magic comes from, while being glad to get to experience it, if only for a few days at a time?
What intrigues me about Ireland? Isn’t it obvious by now? Are the hills really as green as they seem when you look at pictures? If I follow the stone paths, where will they take me? When I look into the still lakes, will more than my reflection stare back? If I find a stone castle, will I be brave enough to explore it? If I cross a rope bridge, what will be waiting for me on the other side? If I encounter the Celtic Ruins, will their wonder take my breath away? What new adventure will each island bring? If I whisper to the wind, will it whisper back? If it does, will it be only after I have had the perfect Irish pint? And just how many pints does it take to find the perfect one?
Shhh –  close your eyes. Be still. Can you heart it? If the wind whispers, can I whisper back? If so, tell me Irish wind –  will I meet you? Tell me wind, am I lucky? And if I visit Ireland, tell me wind, will I ever want to come back?

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