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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Gift of Ireland

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What intrigues me most about Ireland is the immense natural and historical beauty that it has to offer! There’s such rich culture and fantastic landscapes. You’d be crazy not to want to visit such an amazing place! Two special people in my life who know this to be true is my mom and dad who have always dreamed to visit and explore all the wonders of Ireland. I’m hoping this trip would make a great 50th birthday present for my mom and since she’s done so much for me, I’d like to do this one thing for her! I can’t wait for them to experience the Cliffs of Moher or the Hill of Tara, and of course visit the Guinness Storehouse, where I know she and my dad will enjoy a tall pint of their favorite Guinness! Although I know my dad, and I’m confident that his love of Guinness and Jameson will carry him to more than a few pubs located around Ireland. I’ve heard that people in Ireland are friendly folk, I know for a fact that these smiley and sociable two will get along great with everyone they meet. I can’t wait for them to come back and tell me all the myths and folklore they learned and then show me the extraordinary pictures of the castles they visited! My parents are both huge fans of history and architecture, they appreciate the fantastic craftsmanship of such beautiful landmarks and enjoy learning the stories behind such buildings. My mom loves to collect antiques; she knows the true value that time and history give to an item. My dad would agree, stating that the older a thing is the better. In addition, my dad has ancestors from Ireland and will make it his mission to trace his family history and discover his “roots”. He’ll also get a kick out of Irish Celtic music, in which he has many CD’s of and doesn’t hesitate to listen to loudly when given the opportunity. This usually follows a rather poor attempt at an Irish jig which hopefully while in Ireland he may pick up some tips on how to improve. Everyone needs a vacation, some people like the heat and humidity of tropical destinations but others enjoy a more comfortable and temperate climate. A vacation means getting away from the regular hustle and bustle of life, and for those like my parents who live life in the city, it means getting away from the constant construction, traffic, and skyscrapers. The two people in my life that work the hardest and have always provided for me, definitely deserve their break, and it makes me smile knowing the ease that the cool breeze and salty seas will provide them. These two have always dreamed of visiting the spectacular sites of Ireland and it’s my dream to provide them with such an amazing experience. Thank you for the great opportunity to do just that, and I hope with a little of luck of the Irish my parents lifelong wish will be granted.

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