St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Grass is Greener

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To me, Ireland has always been the land of green rolling hills; the land where sheep stand in the road and no one seems to be bothered by them. A land of pubs and suds and time gone by; a true testament to the resilience and luster of the people that call it home.It’s the land of rain, rain, and more rain (but it’s that we have to thank for all the calendar-worthy pictures of those rolling green hills I mentioned earlier). It’s a land filled with mystery and timelessness; a place that is inhabited by our ancestors’ ancestors. Ireland is a place filled with enchantment and fog; a true fairy tale scene come to life. It’s a place where you might hope to run into a leprechaun, although chances are good that he’ll escape before you can find his pot of gold (or so I’ve heard). It is a land where so many denizens bravely left their homes during famines and war in order to make a new life in America, and it’s a land that must be thanked for helping create the America we know today. Ireland seems like a place where anything is possible – magic can be real if you search hard enough and spirits can be seen riding the wind. It seems like in Ireland, every breath taken is a sigh that expresses the wonder and the awe of its very existence. Each one is a small and humble “thank you” for the beauty one is allowed to observe through eyes that tremble with all they are asked to take in. I like to think that in Ireland, the fantasy that crawls through every emerald-laden photograph comes to life in the most breath-taking way that one can imagine. The cliffs are taller, the grass is greener, the air is fresher, and the sheep are more stubborn. The history that surrounds it takes a shape that is more tangible than one could ever hope, and the sheer weight of that history is something that stays with you forever once you’ve experienced it firsthand. It is a place where cities hum with life, strewn with rain-soaked slickers and Wellingtons and splashed with traces of architecture that whisper to passersby, reminding them in the most subconscious way that they are walking through the pages of a living history book. Ireland seems like a place where people could lose themselves and be perfectly happy doing it – there are seemingly endless ways to make sure that Ireland stays in one’s heart and mind forever after having come so close to its mighty countenance. The mountains, the hills, the dales, the sea, the cliffs, the farms, the cities, the sheep – all in place to stand as a reminder of heritage and as a look forward into the future. To me, Ireland is a land where my dreams to breathe that whispering sigh of “thank you” every moment can come true. Then again, how will I know for sure that my wonderings are reality if I never get to kiss the face of Ireland myself? Especially the sheep – I feel like my life would be that much closer to complete if I could get stuck on just one Irish backroad thanks to a wayward herd of sheep.

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