St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Richest of Roots

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I guess my reasons for wanting to go to Ireland is to feel I belong. What I would like to feel when I visit Ireland is my heritage. I am of mixed races including Native American, Italian and Irish. I was semi-raised native but never felt that I fit in, it was not who I was. I struggled to learn the language, would attend Longhouse ceremonies and Pow Wows and though it was interesting to watch the dances and hear the drum singing, it did not have that pull that Irish music, pictures and stories give me. There were never strong family traditions for any particular race, so we are just American. It is not that there is anything wrong with that, but for me, I want to belong to something more. I have always felt like an outsider but kept thinking I know I belonged somewhere, but where? I am very jealous of families who have strong cultural traditions, and I think that is why we continue to attend events in Buffalo NY. There are strong cultural units there and they all have celebrations that we as a family love to attend. When I attend Irish Festivals and events, I feel I belong right down to the music, the food, and the curly hair! I also want my children and grandchildren to feel that they belong to something larger than themselves; that there is a strong, proud heritage that is part of them and it needs to be recognized and celebrated each and every day.
I understand my Grandfather on my mother’s side, who is a Richmond, is where the Irish heritage comes from. Through some genealogy, it was also found that two Lamont sisters married two Richmond brothers and immigrated here. Carrigan is my husband’s family name and he was told his grandfather came over during the potato famine, but there has been no direct research as no one kept great records on his side. We will be looking into further research about the County’s they came from and see if there are distant relatives still there that we both could connect with and share with our children.
We have been saving for two years to visit Ireland. There is something about bagpipe and fiddle music that just pulls at my heart and I truly feel that this is the part of my ancestry where I belong. I look at pictures and see peace and tranquility. I swear in my past lives I loved on the ocean because I could stand and listen to it each and every day. It brings calmness to me that I cannot explain, and who would not want to be on a beautiful, green island surrounded by the ocean and its sound.
So I guess my reasons are truly personal – finding out more of whom I am made up of and passing that along to our children. I feel that by experiencing Ireland, her people, and history, I will find that place that I belong to.

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