St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Passion For Travel and Adventure

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Feel the wind blowing across your face and the smell of salt water as you walk along the 700 foot Cliffs of Moher that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Strap on your helmet, grab a mountain bike and ride the variety of different landscapes, scenic coastal routes or flowing single track, of Ireland’s most beautiful mountain region, Mournes Mountains. Then retrace the steps of giants, I mean volcano eruptions, and explore the 40,000 or so unique hexagon shaped basalt rock formations at The Giant’s Causeway, created some 50 million years ago. Finally, just for fun, have your breath taken away while climbing to the summit of Ireland’s stunning sea stacks. Finding a four-leaf clover may serve you well here! This is what intrigues me about Ireland – exploring diverse landscapes through a variety of different outdoor adventure activities.

Over the years, I have found that my passion for adventure compliments my passion for travel beautifully. Adventure travel allows me to explore new experiences, culture, and history through physical activity. I don’t want to just look at the Stone Walls of Aran Islands. I want to walk alongside them and fully appreciate the time and effort it took to create the stone walls and understand the reasons why farmers of Ireland at the time built them; the purpose and the history.

My passion for adventure travel is not limited to just being physical. Food fuels my passion for exploring and Ireland certainly delivers with a rich and yummy history of Irish cuisine, and Guinness of course. Did you know that Irish beer can be traced as far back as 5000 years ago? Sounds like a good reason to sample a pint or two of Irish beer at local breweries while cycle touring through Ireland’s rolling sheep filled hills. I don’t want you to get too hungry but feasting on corned beef with cabbage sounds amazing or how about a simple boxty, a traditional Irish potato pancake? Finish it off with a creamy chocolate mousse and I am refueled and ready to hike Macgillycuddy’s Reeks, Ireland’s highest mountains.

No travel experience is complete without immersing yourself into the local culture. My curiosity to travel to Ireland is so much more than food and adventure. I want to get to know the people behind Ireland, not fellow tourists. I see myself staying at an Irish farmhouse where hosts greet you with warmth and friendship. The Irish are known to be great storytellers and it is these stories that really enrich the travel experience. They often lead you to local favorite places to visit and are off the beaten path, which I find refreshing. I would even embrace a bit of farm work so I too have my own Irish stories to tell. Nothing like a good old Irish sheep shearing story to kick off the dinner conversations back home in Canada! The more I dream of travelling to Ireland the more intrigued I become with its natural beauty, stunning landscapes, adventure possibilities, food, and people. These are the travel experiences I dream of for my Ireland vacation. Slan!

Whether it is your first or occasional trip to Ireland, an Irish experience is always one to cherish. Our Travel Experts can fully customize your trip to Ireland to fulfill your unique passion for travel and adventure.

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