Dromoland Castle at Night with Sunset

St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Recalling The Irish Dream

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To win a trip to Ireland would be an answer to a dream. My daughter and I were there about ten years ago and it was the best trip ever. Our driver on the bus tour was like a rolling history book and had the most beautiful voice when he sang. He taught us so much about the Irish. Everywhere we went we met the most wonderful people, so warm and welcoming.

We were a small tour and my daughter was only ten years old, everyone went out of their way to make her feel welcome, from the tourists we traveled with, to the locals in Ireland. For example, an old farmer handed her a baby sheep to hold and a gentleman let her ride his donkey. I haven’t been around such welcoming people since.

Our accommodations were excellent, the restaurants fabulous, and the sites beautiful. We started in Dublin and traveled to Blarney Castle (yes we kissed the blarney stone). We also shopped and spent a couple of days in Killarney, where we had an awesome time. The scenery of The Rings of Kerry was breath taking. We traveled to a farm, where we were welcomed with food and drinks and watched sheep shearing. Our final destination was Dromoland Castle. It is a castle that every little girl dreams of. Although we only spent our last night there, which was not long enough, we were waited on hand and foot. It was so luxurious with comforts we are not used to. We loved Ireland so much!!

The Cliffs Moher on a clear day almost 70 degrees was picture perfect. Little thatched cottages were so beautifully kept with flowers blooming everywhere. We drove through towns with every door painted brilliantly in different colors. The food was extraordinary, every place we dined the food was so enjoyable. Never did we have a meal we didn’t enjoy.

The thing we admired most was that the Irish are totally caught up with technology, convenience, accommodations, and dining, yet have maintained their quaint customs and their high family values. Driving along the roads are farms with the father’s home right next to the son’s and daughter’s homes. A family value rarely seen these days.

We took hundreds of pictures to document our trip. We made great new friends on this tour. We often open our album of pictures and relive our trip and memories over and over. We talk all the time about going back and how we wish we could buy a second home in Ireland, but they are just dreams. Dreams we hope will come true again someday.

You know it’s funny, when you board a plane with strangers going to Ireland, but come home realizing you are flying home with some new friends, friends you had a great time with. There was one older gentleman traveling alone in our group and one day he asked me if he could take pictures of my daughter. He said he always enjoyed Ireland, as this was not his first visit, but that he enjoyed Ireland even more this trip just watching the joy and excitement he saw in my daughter’s face. This made the trip even more memorable for us.

I could go on and on with my stories of Ireland and how we enjoyed it forever. I consider myself lucky to have made it there once, but to win a trip like this is beyond unbelievable. Even if we don’t win I will try to save money to come back. I buy a Lottery ticket every week in hopes of winning and booking a trip back to you. We love you Ireland.

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