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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Reinventing Tradition

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What does Ireland mean to me, you ask? It is my Grandma’s fault. My Grandma has a tradition of taking each grandchild on a trip to Europe. We get to pick out of England, Scotland, and Ireland. After the first 7 grandkids had gone on their trip, it was finally my turn! I was exhilarated! Right away I knew where I wanted to go; I went up to my parents and said, “I am going to England!”

Well, my parents crushed my dreams by saying that it would be too busy to go to England due to the summer Olympics and I had to pick again. I was so bummed and thought, “Is there really even a point in going?” But then I started googling and looking at all the unique features that Ireland has to offer. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and when the summer Olympics demolished my hopes of going to England, my experience in Ireland ended up proving that my beliefs were right.

Now I know, you are probably thinking? Wow, this girl has already been to Ireland. She doesn’t need to win this contest, but you don’t know how wrong you really are. If you ask anyone in my life, everyone knows two key things about me- the first is that I have the world’s CUTEST dog, whom I love so much and the second is the perseverance I have to get back to Ireland.

How hard could it be to get back there you ask? Why can’t I just buy a ticket myself and get on my way? Trust me, if it was possible I would, I even look at flights online all the time! Well, I am a student studying my life away and spending all my money on rent, school and maybe the occasional beer, but don’t worry its Guinness!

I am intrigued by Ireland because it has so much to offer. I love the fun, unique culture that it shared with me the first time I went. I love Irish accents (who doesn’t?). I love that I can find beautiful cities and picture-perfect scenery all in one Island. This is the standard answer you get about why Ireland is so intriguing. The thing that is different about me is that I want to go again, and again AND AGAIN, and maybe even stay forever (if it were legal). When I went to Ireland it made me feel like I could believe in magic! The energy that I felt when I arrived was like nothing I have ever felt before.  You know how sometimes you just know something is special, only after seconds of experiencing something for the first time? That is how I felt about Ireland; from the moment I stepped off the plane I felt it inside of me. I felt pure happiness, everything I saw, I couldn’t help but smile because I knew that I had made it – and remember I didn’t even really want to go!

But eight days is not nearly enough time to spend in a place as wonderful as Ireland is. If I got to go back, I would be able to spend more time trying new things, experiencing a version of Ireland that I might not have seen the first time; because I was with my 79-year-old grandma, don’t forget. Writing this essay was probably the most difficult thing I have ever done, not because it was hard to write but because it’s hard to put on paper the passion that I feel towards the greatest place in the world, and I think that if anyone knew how I felt they would be able to agree that I need to go back!

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