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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Tradition To Enjoy

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Being able to visit Ireland would be an educational experience and would expose us to a different culture and way of life. Living in South Florida we do not have any mountains or countryside’s so to be able to visit an Irish farm and watch cows and sheep cross a meadow while driving would be a great way to explore.

I have been to Europe as a child and as an adult and long to share my wonderful memories and make new ones with my children. Ireland’s weather is also something I want my children to experience, it is cool and sunny in the summer months not hot and sticky as it is in Florida. Witnessing how farmers make their living and use traditional methods that have been passed down from working on land for years would be a grand experience.

In Florida, we drive everywhere, so to experience Ireland’s trains, buses and even a walk into the village would be grand. The beautiful green golf courses we see on television and the breathtaking views from the coastline would bring a lifetime of memories. Irish traditional dishes and a few pints would be a wonderful way to enjoy all the country has to offer. Sweet cakes and small village bakeries, the traditional ways Irish people visit the shops and enjoy time in pubs, a game of darts or a Sunday afternoon tea would be a traditional experience I would love to do.

Traveling from South Florida to Ireland is convenient and we have many options for airlines. Being able to fly over the Atlantic Ocean and visiting another country would be a great first time experience for my children. I would enjoy staying in a bed and breakfast while relishing a traditional Irish breakfast and visiting with the locals. We would love to attend an Irish mass and see all the beautiful churches. A countryside stroll or guided city tour would be a great way to understand Ireland’s culture.  Traveling by train or bus via the countryside would be fantastic in order to see all of the green meadows and farm land. The breathtaking sea side villages and fishing towns Ireland has to offer are a once in a life time experience. There is so much to see and do, you can travel to Ireland many times and still find a new adventure to enjoy.

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