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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Walking Others Paths

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Ireland: the island of the Wild Geese; of music, poetry and history; a culture that pervades many nations and people. The intrigue of such an ancestral land can do not but draw its spawn back to the homeland of its heritage. This island, a land rich with history dating back to the beginning of culture as we know it, froth with the interweaving of myth and fact, beckons. How can a people not respond to such a siren call?Mine and my wife’s heritage is heavily Irish. My ancestors came from all over Ireland and my wife’s family is from Moville, County Donegal. If that isn’t enough our favorite movie is the Quiet Man. We would love to see it all, from the Ring of Kerry to Malin Head. Our dream is to travel this enchanted island by car and stay in bed and breakfasts, farms, and rooms as they may be found; getting to know the people that we descend from.

Not just learning the history, but to walk the paths that once carried the likes of Bryan Boru and Saint Patrick. Not just talking with the people, but also visiting museums and archaeological sites our ancient people: Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Hill of Tara, Loughcrew. Possible to hear the tales and reading of the people: of The Ulster Cycle, The Finn Cycle, of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and the Dindshenchas. It would also be exciting to visit the sites of the great battles fought against the Romans, Saxons, Norsmen, Danes, and English Normans. To visit the Universities and see the treasures and literature of days gone by. To visit castles and of course to also kiss the Blarney Stone. And perchance to visit Innisfree or at least that wee humble cottage of White O’Morn and Cong. Of course we would want to seek the ancestors of our families. We know that my wife’s family was from Moville, County Donegal and that they were flax growers and the like. Her two families, Carrol and Larkey, traveled different routes to end up in San Francisco at the same time. One group travel entirely by sea, navigating around the treacherous Horn of South America, Terra Del Fuego; braving hazards of rocks, weather and pirates. While the other tempted fate by crossing the Isthmus of Panama; braving hostile natives, mosquitoes, and treacherous guides. All of this, most likely, for the call of Gold, but instead settled in the city and became prominent members of an eclectic society.

My family is not so clear. Some of the surnames are familiar: Berry, Shannahan, Dealy, Doolittle, Dempsey, Drennin, and Day. Then there are the Scott-Irish of Roberts, Matthews, and Anderson. Some of these traveled in the sixteen hundreds, some in the eighteen hundreds, but mostly the seventeen hundreds. Some from Galway, Donegal and Mayo; the rest who knows. To this end it would be my hope that we would be chosen for the great opportunity. For the chance to visit Ireland and settle this longing that is deep in my soul. Erin Go Bragh!

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