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Win an authentic Irish Aran Sweater from the Irish Store

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Authentic Ireland is happy to partner with The Irish Store to giveaway a stylish and authentic Aran Sweater.  Why would you need one you may ask?  Well according to our friends at the Irish Store.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Aran Sweater: irish aran sweaters

  1. Warmth
  2. Comfort
  3. Durability
  4. The Style Icons Love them
  5. Vogue Magazine is an Advocate

1. Warmth
The Aran Sweater will be one of the warmest garments you will own due to the quality of the wool and it’s insulating properties ensuring you are kept warm even on the coldest of evenings. Many wearers forego a jacket when they are wearing an Aran Sweater as it is not needed.

2. Comfort
The softness of Merino Wool makes the Aran Sweater ideal for sensitive skin. Many people wonder if Aran Sweaters are itchy but we have detailed why they are not in our blog post here. Our Aran Sweaters are 100% Merino Wool which means they are soft and comfortable against your body.

3. Durability
The Aran Sweater is renowned for how durable it is, the choice of the Fisherman of previous generation due to their rugged nature which made it ideal for longer periods. They can be worn for weeks on end and can be easily repaired if torn.

4. The Style Icons Love them
Did you know that Grace Kelly and Steve McQueen were fans of the Aran Sweater? Don’t believe us, check out the photos below. What can we say, fashion is temporary, style is permanent!

Steve McQueen sporting an Aran sweater   Grace Kelly looking graceful in her Aran Sweater
5. Vogue Magazine is an Advocate

Vogue are known worldwide for being the height of fashion and style and they have recently professed their love for the Aran Sweater. We have to say we agree.

Would you like the chance of winning a Fisherman Aran Sweater in your own colour and size?

How to Enter:

  • Comment below why you would love to win this Aran Sweater.
  • Share this page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ with the buttons below!

Winner to be announced Wednesday, the 3rd of August! Good Luck!


This Contest Ended August 3, 2016. Congratulations Rick Waltemire, you won an Irish Aran Sweater!


  1. Rick Waltemire

    I wanted to buy one when we were on our honeymoon in Ireland – through Authentic Ireland – 5 years ago. And never did. I’ve kicked myself ever since.

    Now is the chance to redeem myself.

    Pick me!!

  2. Maureen Hammond

    We are visiting Ireland in the fall and an Aransas sweater would be perfectly lovely. Did I mention we booked with Authentic Ireland??;)

  3. Sharon Davis

    Was just in Ireland a few weeks ago and regret not purchasing one. The winters in Ohio are very cold!

  4. Amanda Kin

    I love all things Ireland and have traveled there before but if I won I would give it to my best friend who lost an Aran sweater his Irish great grandmother passed down to him through his father. He really loved that sweater both for sentimental reasons and because they are great durable sweaters you can wear with anything.

  5. Deborah Kirchhof

    I was just in Ireland in May & wanted one of these sweaters so bad, unfortunately I didn’t get one. I now live with that regret. They are so beautiful.

  6. Kaylee henderson

    Meant to buy one when I went to Ireland a few years back, and have yet to find a great one here in the states! Would love to win this!

  7. Chrissy Reid

    I’m traveling to Ireland in a couple weeks to visit my ancestral home in the Wicklow Mountains.. I would adore having a sweater from “Home”.. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Linda Toavs

    I would like to win an authentic Aran sweater because they are works of Irish art. I visited in 1991 , and brought back three Aran sweaters for my children, but couldn’t afford one for myself. Their sweaters have worn beautifully, and I’ve wished si many times that I had one to wear too. Irish memories are matchless, and wearing an Aran sweater would be another matchless memory.

  9. Alan Nolan

    I would love this Jumper because your 5 reasons have convinced me! 🙂 If I don’t win I will buy one either way !!!

  10. Kaye Bushdiecker

    Locating my Irish roots and heading to Ireland next year! Need something to keep me warm! 🙂

  11. Mary

    Always want to visit Ireland sadly I will never be able to. Having a sweater like this would keep that dream and keep me warm.

  12. Lori Alcorta

    Love Aran Sweaters. Heading to Ireland and Scotland in just a little less than 2 weeks. No need to ship.

  13. Jessica Myers

    I love all things Irish. I’ve been doing research and resently found out I am part Irish. I would Love an Aran sweater!!!

  14. Molly Hodge

    Wanted to buy one on our honeymoon but couldn’t find the perfect one and thought we’d find another store…we didn’t.

  15. Susan H

    I’d love one for my husband. It would look good on him and he’s 44% Irish according to our DNA tests!

  16. Heidi Trimble

    My fathers side is Irish and I’ve grown up loving all things Irish. Our first of the next generation of The Keane family is coming in November and and Aran sweater would be just the thing to keep my bump warm this fall and years come and to tell our daughter about her heritage.

  17. Karen T.

    I would love to win this beautiful sweater to showcase my Irish roots! 😉 Heading to Ireland in less than 60 days and I just might need it on those chilly nights whilst strolling through Ireland!

  18. Marcia Wallker

    I had an Irish sweater given to me by my Uncle when I went to college. One of my roommates, “borrowed” my beloved sweater, got cocoa on it , washed it in hot water and dried it in the dryer – hoping I would not find out. I can laugh about it now, thirty years later, but I have never been able to replace that sweater. I would love to win this beauty.

  19. anne Lezynski

    We booked a tour with Authentic Ireland for June 2017. Our family of 6 plus the 2 grandmoms are going. We would love to win one for one of the ” Mom Moms”. Can’t wait!

  20. Allison Gaspar

    My father only wore Aran sweaters, and since his passing it is the only sweater I wear. Reminds me so much of him

  21. Pat MacFadyen

    I was in Ireland in 2012 & took a day trip to Innis Mohr & did buy a scarf & some Irish yarn…but not one of tbe sweaters…big mistake! Would lo e to have one!

  22. Angela McDonald Poretti

    I’m excited to be heading to the beautiful Emerald Isle with my husband and three children. My mother was born and raised in Northern Ireland, Armagh, and passed away 9 years ago. I want to walk in her homeland and help my children connect with their Irish heritage. This trip has been on my bucket list for years and now it is only weeks away. Thank you Authentic Ireland, and Micheal a, for helping my dream come to fruition!#proudtobeirish

  23. Lindsay Schumacher

    We’re ready to book our next trip to Ireland , this time with my mother-in-law, and I would love to have a new sweater to pack for her! Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

  24. Margaret Pfaff

    Love your sweaters and love all the patterns, very cold in Canada in the winter! Would love to win one.

  25. Calla Kuehl

    Hoping to come back to the Aran Islsnds this November…was there last year and loved my visit.! Could use a cozy sweater to keep me warm!

  26. Csilla Czegledi

    I am going to Ireland on Friday from Hungary! It would be very if I could win this sweater as well at the same time. And, I really love yarns, one of my hobbies is crochet but I can’t knit.

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