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Looking for a total experience on an ancient landscape?  Look no farther than a guided walking tour of the burren.

The Burren, or Boireann, meaning Great Rock, is in County Clare.  It is, without dispute, one of the most unique—and strangest—landscapes in Europe.  The Burren is about 250 square kilometers.  Bounded by the Atlantic on the west and rocked by Galway Bay to the north, it is a multi-layered landscape where delicate plants have adapted in order to thrive and flourish between harsh crevices.   Stroll the meadows, be astonished by the boulders, and read the trail marks and footprints that the ice age and volcanoes left behind.

Interested in sacred sites or ancient Ireland?  This area is not only a miracle of biodoverstiy, it is rich  in a history that stretches back through the mists of time and forward to its preservation.  The Burren abounds in Celtic Spirituality—the Irish legends and the people of this area cannot be separated.  Those who live here reflect this land, and they are its guardians as firmly as they ever were.

A walking tour with Authentic Ireland’s local guide is the only way to truly explore this extraordinary place.  Smell the air as the sea dampens the limestone, watch the weather color the sky differently in a matter of hours, listen to the sounds of ancient Ireland ripple through time, stone, and story.  Put one foot in front of the other and revel in this untamed landscape.

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