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Celtic music is a special type of art that dates back hundreds of years. There are many resources to be read about this type of music, its history, dances, language, and more. To start the search, Tylwythteg and Internet Public Library offer a lot of information on art, language, music, and culture.

Many famous artists have produced beautiful Celtic music. At Sound of Erin Radio readers can enjoy famous Celtic musicians such as Cari Buziak, Patrick Gallagher, Chesca Potter, and Jessica Galberth. Celtic musicians and bands can also be heard on Celtic radio shows. At Celtic Music Podcast, listeners can hear radio podcasts. For a how-to link about listening to Celtic music visit Celtic Music.

Celtic music festivals are a place to go when you love the music and culture, and luckily, finding them on the Internet is easy. At Ceolas, readers can find hundreds of listings for different concerts and festivals around the world. To learn about the eight primary festivals of the Celtic culture, such as the Winter and Summer Solstices and Samhain, go to Living Myths. For links to various Celtic instruments, visit Ceolas Instruments where you can see what the instruments looked like, along with more instrument information.

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