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Children are treasured in Ireland.  They are welcome most places, and there is a lot for them to do and enjoy.  They’ll even find shopping a small miracle as they wander through the maze of a medieval town, especially when they hear stories of witches and faeries who wandered the same streets.  Your children or grandchildren will get to play with Irish kids, perhaps learning games such as Dogs and Hares or Soldier’s Tig.  And there’s more:  Festivals; circuses from Eastern Europe; Wildlife Parks; tidepooling; the Aquadome;  a Viking-boat treasure trip; visiting an Irish farm; horseback riding; ecology for kids; Visitor Centres for kids at Neolithic sites; Folk Parks; exploring caves… that’s plenty to keep them wide-eyed and happy!

At Authentic Ireland, we’re parents and grandparents, too.  We understand that there is nothing much worse than dragging bored kids around.  We’ve taken enough sojourns through our country to give you handy tips on how to travel with your kids and not only maintain your sanity, but have a terrific time with them, creating memories that will last forever.  Leave the DVDs and video games at home. By the end of a day exploring Ireland, your kids will fall asleep dreaming of castles and dragons.

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