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Authentic Ireland Reviews: Why Our Clients Love Us

Our top priority when planning our trips is to give our customers authentic, customized and affordable tours that they will take pride in upon returning home. Below are real reviews from real customers that fell in love with the culture, accommodations and extraordinary history that Ireland offers. Oh… and our travel representatives!

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 684 reviews

Great Vacation

byTodd KesslerAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: York. PA

Our agent Con Jager was a fantastic agent. He did a great job booking us on our self tour of Ireland. He took into account of the type of people we were and what we wanted to see. Everything was spot on. Each hotel was waiting for us and very accommodating. I talked to him before we left for about an hour to hammer out all the details. Totally professional and a pleasure to joke around with. This was our first trip across the Atlantic and well worth it thanks to Con. I personally have already recommended Con's services to a couple of people and only been home for 2 days. Thank you Con and Authentic Ireland for a wonderful 20 year anniversary trip.

Self Drive, Luxury Trip

byBirgit SacherAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Santa Rosa

Booking with Authentic Ireland is a GREAT way to go. We are a couple who, by ourselves or with the kids, usually book everything ourselves. This time around we were short on time for planning, especially considering we wanted to drive around Ireland. We had no idea which places to go, which towns to stay in, or where to stay when we go there. When I stumbled upon the Authentic Ireland website someone immediately popped in with live chat. Every time, in fact, that I logged on to consider the booking I was greeted by someone willing to help on live chat. That was great, because I usually did have some kind of little question. These great answers and this helpful nature ultimately led me to proceed with a booking. I'm so happy we did!I worked with Kati. I let her know how many days we had, our general budget, and that we wanted luxury accommodations, and she took it from there. The only thing I knew about Ireland was that I wanted to see the Cliffs oh Moher. She helped us see a huge variety of what the beautiful country has to offer. Everything was detailed out by her so I could check to see that what she planned sounded good to me, including the accommodations. Midway in the planning my husband and I decided we should hit Edinbrugh while we were out there- no problem. Kati made the adjustments we needed within the day.Bear in mind if planning a luxury trip that not all of the towns you want to stay in have 5 star accommodations. Not every hotel was equal, that is for sure, and Kati had let me know that the romantic idea of staying in a castle doesn't usually equate to the most luxury. With that, she picked one castle for us that was very nice and not out of the way of where we wanted to be for sight seeing. Most of the places exceeded our expectations! The ones that didn't were in such small towns we were not disappointed, as we could plainly see we had the best of the lot. (the places were perfectly acceptable, just not 5 star, and I knew that going in)The trip was perfect all along the way. Kati gave us plenty of suggestions for sites and activities, with great descriptions that helped us narrow in on what we wanted to do while we were there.Listen to advise about being dialed in with GPS while driving Ireland! "" is a great app that allows you to download cities when you have wifi access. You can use the map apps on your phone without wifi or data, but the difference is that without data or wifi you can't search a specific location, so you are limited if you are trying to find a hotel but have no idea where to start looking for it within the city. We were lost in Cork for over an hour trying to find our hotel (this was before we found ""). At least the kind receptionist saw our weary faces and thrust glasses of scotch into our hands (then joked with us about how the Irish give directions)! The people in Ireland are delightful, but you will not get by with written directions in Ireland no matter how good they look before you set out! It became our charming joke about Ireland, but if you are more apt to strangle your husband in such a situation than laugh with him, I really really suggest fabulous GPS!We made wonderful memories in Ireland, gained a huge appreciation for the country and it's people, learned a ton, and saw some of the most breath taking places we have ever seen. Thank you, Authentic Ireland! We could not have done it so well without you!!!!

Awesome Scotland Family Vacation

Your Hometown: Rome

We were looking for a family vacation but at our own pace. We found exactly what we wanted with Authentic Ireland. Being able to pre-pay for the trip was great! Con our tour specialist worked with us to find local B&B's that we are still talking about. Loved all of them. My favorite was in Dunblane such a quaint town and so central to many of our stops we wanted to see. I could go on and on but one thing is for sure all of us want to return to Scotland and self driving, self-paced touring is the way to go!!!Thank you for a great experience.

Wonderful vacation

bySuzanne McGowanAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: WV

My friends, sister and I planned our Ireland trip with Authentic Ireland for months with Robin as our travel agent. He answered every question and booked fabulous places to stay and a car for our 3 week Ireland experience. Everything went perfectly, all the B&B's and hotels were lovely and expecting us on our arrival. I can't express into words how enjoyable and special our trip was, even the driving went exceptional. I highly recommend booking through Authentic Ireland and doing the driving tour, we, literally, had the back road experience and discovered endless quiet and beautiful places! Thanks for helping us plan such a fantastic 3 weeks, Robin!

Go to Ireland for a trip to remember!

byLarry and Marla CavalloAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

What can be said about a vacation that I feared was doomed before we left? It turned out perfect. Authentic Ireland is THE company to turn to for your vacation, because even if things get a wrench thrown in the mix, they are there to help you out.Let me explain this awesome experience. Every time you log onto the Authentic Ireland website a chat window pops up and you have some there to speak to you about your vacation. Even at 3 am! Lauren, my salesperson, listened to my needs then tailored 2 options for my dream vacation to Ireland. Then, I choose one, but wanted 1 or 2 things changed-again, poof. She was magical.Being the busy-body I am, even after the sale I was on this site, checking, rechecking, reading about the various suggested sightseeing. Every time I got on chat came on and someone was there to make me even more excited about my upcoming trip.Problem! Would you believe, our domestic flight was delayed, which of course made us miss our international flight? Yes, it happened. Our rental car, hotel room that was booked, everything was off by one full day now! I was distraught (that's a nicest word I could think of, because my mind ran through a full rage of emotions. Image Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde and Cher all combined).No fear, however, I just called Authentic Ireland and everything was fixed. My rental car was moved back a day and 2 of the hotel rooms got switched to put the whole vacation back on track.The castle hotels that were arranged were top notch. The word "Wow" doesn't really describe the places. They had beautiful gardens, grand rooms, staircases, and filled with antiques. The food that was served was so very delicious, and if you ever needed anything in/for your room the service was the best. Everyone was so kind.Now, for my husband and I, the best part of the trip was the rental car. Because of the rental car, we got to set our own pace. We went to a few of the suggested sightseeing places, but we like to veer off the roads and make our own vacation. For me, our vacation was about visiting castles and we found a lot to see, along with abbeys and churches. We ate in small restaurant pubs which had the most incredible food and always met fun people to talk to. Hubby and I have learned that not following a plan is sometimes the very best part of vacation.Things to know. Unless you are in Ireland during the 7-10 days of nice weather, you will be rained on. The weather is actually nice; however, we took a hop-on, hop off bus in Dublin and it rained on us 3 times during a 2 hour tour. We were on vacation and laughed about it, but it happens. 2 of our hotels did not have bath tubs. (That only mattered to me.) Rooms in the hotels always felt cold to me, even when I was told the heat was on.When we return to Ireland, we will use Authentic Ireland. I have already shared my experience with my friends. You'll want to, too.

Summer 2016 Scotland

byCarolyn LesterAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Harper, Texas

A truly wonderful children have all grown up and the last two just graduated from high school. Seven of us traveled together, in two cars and enjoyed all the challenges and adventures provided by this experience. Can you say round-about and left side of the road? Robin did an excellent job of providing perfect accommodations and suggestions for sight seeing. We were able to venture off on our own and made wonderful memories - to last a life time.

Great trip

byJoe GlandorfAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Boston

Having never been to Ireland we had little reference beyond the anecdotes of friends to guide our choices. As it was the wife's birthday celebration, we decided to pay more for the convenience and the savings of time, effort and worry by using Authentic Ireland.To say we were happy with our decision is a gross understatement. From our driver, Seamus Hester, to the hotels and other choices they arranged for us, we couldn't have been more pleased with this service. The west coast of Ireland, where we concentrated, isn't the easiest place to navigate. Having our own driver who was DEDICATED to making sure we were pleased was an essential decision. Seamus drove the often "challenging" roads of Galway, Spittle and Kerry, taking us to all the key sites, making sure we got the best vistas, best dinners and lunch choices and could not have been more accommodating or professional. The outcome was hotels where we were very comfortable, travel that was stress free, maximizing efficiency and value of the trip. If you want to really enjoy Ireland and you don't want to spend weeks or months trying to figure out your agenda, accommodations and how to travel, you'll be wise to use a travel aid like Authentic Ireland. By the way, we traveled with three adult children as well which made hotel choices a bit more difficult. Somehow Authentic found places where our three daughters could manage one room....a feat unto itself. What that, alone, may have saved us is likely very meaningful.So, you can plan your own trip and save money and pray you're choices work. You can drive and hope you don't miss turns, sites, get lost or simply waste time and drain an enormous amount of energy. Or you can hire someone like Authentic and have a pretty high level of confidence that the monies you spend will be on the highest value trip you might enjoy. Good luck with whatever decision you make. We'd do Authentic (and Seamus Hester) again in a heart beat.......particularly since we FULLY appreciate now many of the obvious pitfalls we avoided by this choice.

Self-Driven Tours are the way to go!

Your Hometown: Charleston, WV

My brother and I booked a self-driving tour of Ireland for the beginning of June through Authentic Ireland. It was the best decision that I've ever made.We spent three days in Dublin and really enjoyed the evening activities that were planned for us while we were there--including the Merry Ploughboy Show. It gave us plenty of time to explore the city and sample all the local cuisine during the day and still something fun to do in the evenings when the shops and other attractions closed up.Picking up our rental at the Hertz City Center with the voucher provided was seamless and we were on the road about 10 minutes after we stopped in to pick it up.Doolin was by far our favorite part of the trip and the little B&B that was booked for us was a sweet little farmhouse just a mile away from the coast. It had wonderful breakfasts every morning and easy access to the Cliffs of Moher. I highly recommend that you request a stopover in Doolin to be included in your travel package if you are on the west coast of the island.Kildare was our final destination and we enjoyed the chance to slow down a little in the less busy area of the island. Again, the B&B was a sweet accommodation and very easily accessed. There are several day trips that you can make from the area. We traveled to Bray Beach and the Wicklow Mountains while we were there.Overall the experience was positive and I will book with Authentic Ireland again. I recommend that you print the itinerary and everything that your travel agent sends you. Some places want to keep the vouchers and some places just want to see them.

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper..WB Yeats

byMarilyn MillerAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

I took my daughters on a girl vacation...not knowing really what to expect, but somehow felt Ireland was the right place. To be unplugged, and have our senses engaged for 10 days was the best thing we could have done. We were amazed at the beauty, loved the people, but wish we could have stayed longer!Now does anyone know where I can get an iced tea?

Greatest Vacation Ever

byLori LuddenAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Memphis TN

We just returned from our Ireland vacation. This was the best vacation we have ever had. We were very pleased with all of our accommodations, the car, everything. You made everything so easy, and this was a DREAM VACATION. Thank you so much.


Your Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Thank you so much for helping me plan this trip. It was a wonderful ten days disputed some rainy weather. The places we stayed were wonderful. Our favorite was the Fort William guest house. Scotland was a wonderful place to visit and your assistance with everything was invaluable.

Chauffer Driven Tour Ireland

byDarlene AlmanAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Pittsburgh PA

Our chauffer driven tour of Ireland was the greatest trip we had ever taken. Our trip planner was Robin and he did a fantastic job planning our trip and was always available to answer any questions before and during our trip. There were no problems at any of our accommodations, they were always expecting us and were so friendly at each location. We spent 2 weeks travelling starting in Dublin then went to Kilkenny, Cork, Killarney, Dingle, Galway and back to Dublin (with alot of stops daily in between). Our driver Wayne who was with us for the entire 2 weeks was the greatest. He had extensive knowledge of Irish culture and history, he made our trip amazing and was there to pick us up every day at our chosen time with a clean van. He knew all the great places to eat and made our dinner reservations when they were needed and we saw alot of places that tourists don't always get to see. Everyday was relaxing and exciting at the same time because we were always on the move and we were lucky to have Wayne who was a great tour guide/driver. This was truly a trip of a lifetime!!

Awesome Honeymoon!

byMatt HenschenAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Houston, TX

Con was fantastic to work with and created 2 quotes for me. The recommendations that came with the package were clear and concise. The self-guided trip was taken at our leisure and we tackled what we wanted, when we wanted. Thanks Authentic Ireland for the trip!

byJoan WilliamsAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Yarmouthport MA

Robin and Katie did a fantastic job with our trip. The hotels, the tours and the drivers were terrific.


byLinda NoelAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Daytona Beach,FL

This was our 1st "girls trip' and Emma planned it perfectly for us!! we gave her some ideas of what we would like to do and she went above and beyond what ever we could have done on our own. We got to explore alot of the country and saw so many historical and interesting sites. and the people we met--unbelievable friendly!! I would not suggest driving if its your first time--that was our only mistake but we handled it as best as we could and used public transportation in the cities instead of driving which was even more fun! before we left Ireland, we were already discussing another trip back in 2 years !! and we definitely will be contacting Authentic Ireland and Emma when we do!!

Fairytale Castle Honeymoon

Your Hometown: New England

First off, I want to say what an AMAZING help Con was in planning our trip and handling our questions from start to finish. He truly listened to what my husband and I were looking for in a honeymoon, and helped make our dream a reality, customizing the experience to our preferences. The pure joy of our wedding day continued in Ireland, with an amazing trip. The hotels were perfect! We really loved the Brooks in Dublin - we did a good bit of walking and it’s location was convenient, as well as very friendly service. And Kinnitty Castle was a fairytale come to life - we walked on the trails behind the hotel and enjoyed dinner one night in the library bar while watching the horses and sunset - very romantic! Once my husband figured out how to work the diesel VW passat rental car (they don’t have those conservation buttons in the US!), it was smooth sailing. Driving allowed us to really explore a bit of Ireland's beautiful countryside.Highlights included:NewgrangeTeeling Distillery - DublinClomacnoise (worth the drive out - gorgeous views of the Shannon and the High Crosses were beautiful)The Burren (awesome two hour hike!)BREATHTAKING views from the Royal Suite at the very posh Clontarf Castle. (Thanks Con!)Honestly, we can’t wait to go back, and will most likely concentrate on Galway or Cork on our next visit. It was a true pleasure working with Con and I will highly recommend Authentic Ireland to family and friends in the future.

Ireland Self Drive 2016

byLeanne LentzAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Blue Bell, PA

The trip of a LIFETIME! Con Jager was so amazing throughout the whole thing. He worked with us and gave us multiple quotes - we probably went through 4 or 5 quotes (picking different areas, trying to get the cost lower and being afraid of B&B's :) )This was our second time in Ireland - before we stayed in Dublin for a week because I was afraid of driving from hotel to hotel to hotel. This time, we wanted to see more (we did more than 20 sightseeing actives!!) and stayed in Belfast, Galway, Killarney, and Dublin. This was by far the best vacation we have ever had and everything went smoothly. The hotels were absolutely beautiful, the car rental was easy, and Con even tried to help us find airline tickets.Thank you SO MUCH Con for your patience, your advice, and for being you. When we book Ireland again, we will come to you.

A fantastic trip!

Your Hometown: Sydney

HiCongratulations to Catherine the travel consultant who organised our 7 day self drive tour of island! She really looked after us and nothing was too much trouble. The itinerary was perfect and all accommodation was wonderful. We have already recommended that our friends use Authentic Ireland when visiting Ireland.

A History Lesson in Northern Ireland

byChristine HollidayAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Toledo, OH

Robyn has done it again. He helped me arrange one trip last summer for a small group of friends, and we drove ourselves around the middle of Ireland. This year, with a different group of friends, I wanted to try Northern Ireland. It was a wonderful experience, full of history and food and fun. The hotels were all wonderful with very good food, the stops were entertaining, and/or educational and the bus driver knew plenty about every place we stopped. I had not been aware of a lot of the history of Northern Ireland, so I really appreciated the information at all the stops. I was especially moved by the Deserted Village and the Titanic Museum, but all the castles and cottages were well worth visiting. My friends, who hadn't been to Ireland before, were delighted with all the arrangements..Bravo, Robyn, another great effort!

Springtime in Ireland

byHollie EljiziAuthentic Ireland
Your Hometown: Fort Worth Texas

We had such a great time in Ireland this pas May. The weather was amazing the people were awesome and the country is breathtakingly beautiful. Authentic Ireland did such a great job arranging everything and helping me out when my schedule changed. Thank you and I hope we get to do it again.

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