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You enjoy every minute of Edinburgh…that’s what you do with a classy, city lady who likes to let her hair down.

Edinburgh Shopping:

If you’re a shop-a-holic get ready to shop until you drop. Look for hand-crafted stoneware and tiles from the city. If you’re into textiles, there are handmade rugs, high-quality fabrics, throws, cushions, wools, woven tweeds, tartans, kilts, divine cashmere, funky knitwear, designer duds, and vintage clothing. For a taste of Scotland to bring back home, look for CDs of Scottish music, antiquarian and rare books, unique perfumeries, hand-crafted jewelry, handmade chocolates, and of course, whisky. You might want to stop by the tartan weaving mill and watch the looms go! go! go! And, if you’re headed for the great outdoors, Edinburgh has everything you need for hiking and mountaineering.

Edinburgh Entertainment and Nightlife:

You’re never far from something to do in Edinburgh. Here’s a small sampling:
The Bailie Bar, a sumptuous, basement pub; The Blue Moon, a gay bar with style; Bongo Cluball has every kind of live music; The Bow Bar is the best bar for whisky in the city; Cabaret Voltaire, the Caverns in Old Town offer live events nightly; Café Royal Circle Bar, a 150-year-old traditional pub with terrific interior;  The Cameo for some of the UK’s best indie films; The Cask and Barrel is a traditional pub with constantly changing fresh ales.
You’ll also have a blast checking out Edinburgh’s experimental theater; A 17th century pub with a wide choice of whiskies; Smart and stylish wine bars; Large cinemas and stylish cocktail bars; A Moroccan nightclub;  The converted church with hot jazz and cool blues; Comedy clubs;  The prestigious concert hall for Chamber Orchestra and Philharmonic Orchestra.

Edinburgh Activities & Sports:

How many ways can you bicycle through Edinburgh? You can cycle on your own or in a guided tour, ride hybrid bikes, kids’ bikes, trailer bikes with child’s seats, and that’s just for starters. Whether you’re looking for the spooky, the everyday sights, or you’re into sports, Edinburgh’s got something for you. How about a late-night guided walk through Old Town, including a haunted mausoleum in an ancient graveyard? (BOO!) You can also get scared with a tour of witches, or follow the ghosthunter’s trail, complete with ghostbusting paraphernalia. Open-top buses are great to see a little bit of everything before you head off on your own. That might include Literary Pub Tours, The Football Club, games, indoor swimming, and perhaps the scariest thing of all–touring the Scottish parliament!

Edinburgh Wellness & Health:

The possibilities for wellness and beauty in Edinburgh are many. Explore, expand and enjoy…  Organize a beauty salon and regimen by your choice of UK celebrities; Coerce your sweetheart to have a facial and foot massage with you; Learn facial gymnastics (no kidding!); Massage and reflexology are yours for the asking; Experience alternative therapies in a float tank…that sounds pretty great. You can also go for aromatherapy, pure essential oils, luxurious spa body-wraps, Ayurverid treatments, ozone-friendly pools with mood-enhancing lighting; thermal suite and mud room; And, ta da! How about a rooftop hydro-pool with spectacular views of Edinburgh? That kind of beauty is enough to produce wellness in itself.

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