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Travel 99 miles west of Dublin, and you’re in another world.  Fermanagh is one of the smallest counties in Ireland.  It is known as the Lake District, and it may just be the perfect place for your next holiday.

Imagine 50 miles of lakes, stretching through lush hills, and linked by land.  In Fermanagh, the islands peak from the very depths of the lakes, reaching toward the sky.  The beauty is incomparable.  These lakes are linked to the Shannon Waterway Canal, making this the longest inland waterway in Europe.  Perhaps you can imagine yourself on a small pleasure cruiser, wandering the shores and waters.  Fabulous fishing?  Of course.

Enniskillen, with its 10,000 residents, is the largest town in County Fermanagh. It is an island town, with all the wonder and magic that an island conjures up.

As in any small region where families have lived and loved for centuries, these two things go hand-in-hand:  The locals welcome visitors, and there is a promise and a bond with the land.  Locals raise cattle for beef and dairy—some of the best in Ireland—plus sheep, pigs and poultry.  The grassland, thick and dewy, is used for grazing and hay rather than for other crops.  What does this mean to you?  Unspoiled pastures that look as if they were lost in time, and incredible, fresh feasts.

Here’s another plus:  Because travelers and residents often travel between Ireland and Northern Ireland here, you don’t have to worry about exchanging your money.  Pounds and Euros are both welcome in stores, restaurants, hotels, and other venues.

The spirit of Fermanagh is reflected in her peaceful waters.  Look and feel your surroundings.  You will be overwhelmed by a feeling of well-being—this is the gift of Fermanagh.

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