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“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” —   Oprah Winfrey

Book clubs, knitting clubs, stitching clubs, dancing groups, mommy groups and sports teams are often formed because women enjoy spending time together.  Women’s travel is another way to simply enjoy each other’s company and support.  Also, if a woman finds herself at a crossroad in her life, she often has the urge to hit the road.  You can bet there’ll be at least one girlfriend who’ll want to come along for the ride.  Because Ireland is safe and there are no language problems, traveling here is comfortable for women alone or in groups. You can luxuriate in fine spa treatments, ride horses, walk the beach, take in ancient sites, dine well, bicycle, plan several rounds of golf or maybe go dancing in Dublin.

Not sure which adventures to choose or how to plan your time?  Authentic Ireland can form an itinerary for women traveling alone, with a friend, or in a group.  We believe it’s best to have a good plan, but also allow for the unexpected delight.  And, we believe that every woman has the spirit and fire that urges her to experience and explore the world!   Whether you’re seasoned travelers or armchair travelers, you’ll find that Ireland is the perfect spot for girlfriend trips.

You can drive, hire a chauffeur & tour without a car, or partake in an activity break. The choice is yours.

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