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Glasgow is the city with the pizzazz while Edinburgh is the elegant, older cousin.  The Glasgow citizenry is friendly, outgoing and downright loads of fun.  From hard times in the past, Glasgow has reinvented itself as the cutting-edge center of culture, cuisine, shopping, and entertainment.  Magnificent buildings are scattered throughout this spread-out city, and her museums and galleries are world-class.

  • Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art:

    This Gallery might be just as rightly called The Assemblage of Astonishment.  Some works are awesome attention-grabbers, others are tricky and clever, some are outlandish, and still others are outrageously funny.  The exhibits change often, but they all have the same spirit of surprise and fun.  Three main galleries feature painting, sculpture, and photography. The basement is packed with sofas, a library, a café and free internet. Go!

  • Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis:

    Visiting this cathedral was ranked by the Pope in the year 1451 as equal to making a pilgrimage to Rome.  Founded in 1250, and completed 100 years later, it is immense in scope.  Although ancient, the original roof and timbers are solid.  The choir screen, and the stained glass, is unique in Scotland.  Look to your east.  You’ll see an eerie and strange site, the Necropolis.  It is a phantasm of centuries of gravestones. Rising above, is a monument to John Knox.

  • People’s Palace:

    Glasgow may be the only city with a museum of ordinary life, and really, what better way to get to know a place?  Nothing is dolled up.  It is a testament to how the average family lived, worked, and played in the past. What an exceptionally wonderful idea… The peaceful Winter Gardens are connected.

  • Museum of Transport:

    You name it, and you’ll find hundreds of everything you can possibly imagine on wheels.  Acres of metal, chrome, rust, iron and gleaming stainless steel.  Bicycles, cars, lorries, buses, trains, fire engines. Walk through them or climb inside.  Sit in an original Glasgow tram.  Wait!  There’s more.  Of course in this port town of Glasgow, there are 250 model ships that tell the story of shipbuilding on the River Clyde. Step lively!  There’s a recreated 1938 cobbled, shipping street that has a surprise or two in store…

  • Botanic Gardens:

    Bulging with color, these gardens are a favorite respite for locals and visitors.  The highlight is the greenhouses.  The main structure is called Kibble Palace, famous for the orchids and tropical flora from around the world.

  • Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery:

    Eduard Bersudsky is an artist that Rube Goldberg would have loved. He makes performance contraptions from junk, and this gallery is his mind-boggling theater.

  • St. Mungo Museum of Religious Art:

    This gives you a terrific overview of the world’s religions as shown through their art.  The museum is illuminated with a wealth of colors pouring through stained-glass windows.

  • Waverly Excursions:

    Experience the Firth of Clyde on the world’s last sea-going paddle steamer!

  • M & D Scotland’s Theme Park:

    Huge fun with everything that gravitational and centrifugal forces can wrap around you.  Big Wheel, Free-fall Machine, Flying Carpet, Kamikaze Whirligigs, and a giant “500 tons of twisted fun” roller coaster. There are also gentle water slides and merry-grounds for the smaller kids and the faint of heart.

  • Archaeolink Prehistory Park:

    Explore ancient traditions and daily life through interactive exhibits and authentic Neolithic buildings.  Fire a bow and arrow or try on some Roman armor for size.  Reenactments and special events take place during the summer months.

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