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Maps are a great asset to any classroom. You can use maps to enrich the teaching in nearly every subject. Social studies and history often use maps, but you can easily extend maps into your lessons that involve science and literature. Maps can help people students understand the distance between things, the importance of access to waterways, and the reasons that wars have been fought over these things.

When you are teaching English or Language Arts you can use maps to bring stories to life. Showing the students where a story is taking place can help to give a story a parameter or context. You can also have your student map out any geographic points in a story. This can be done with stories that take place in a fantasy world. This is a great way to help your curriculum reach across subjects.

Map and Globe Activities

In elementary school it is important teach students to read and understand maps. In middle school, maps begin to bring an understanding of the world to your students. Starting with maps of the school and local neighborhoods can help young children grasp the concept of a map and extend their understanding of maps of countries and the world. Using a globe is a good way to demonstrate the distance between places.

Lessons Plans with Maps

Maps can be a great way to decorate classroom walls. Choosing a variety of maps that focus on different things such as topography, agriculture, and weather can make a big difference in bringing the countries that you are teaching about to life. Additionally they can be a way to bring imagination to life.

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