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Ireland is a country of romance and mist fueled by imagination, Guinness, music, beautiful landscapes and winter evenings by the fire.  There is nothing as romantic as a holiday in Ireland.  Ours is a country with many places to renew the fuel of love and fire of life.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose Ireland as your Honeymoon destination

  1. Find yourself waking up in a castle with hidden gardens beneath your window. Find yourself walking through narrow medieval streets hand in hand as you, ducking into pubs who offer you a warm fire and perfect pint of Guinness.  Wind through green hills dotted with medieval ruins, enjoy a picnic among this incredibly perfect setting.  This is Ireland. The land of endless romance.
  2. A storybook setting surrounds your experience rich with dramatic landscapes and lush green rolling hills.  The Ireland coast is one of the most scenic and romantic places in the world.
  3. Native Irish people are some of the most friendly people in the world.  Irish hospitality is not a myth and as a visitor, prepare to be greeted enthusiastically and with kindness by the people of Ireland.
  4. Ireland is a relatively small country where you have access to a metropolitan experience as well as sacred destinations.  Spend the days communing with nature at the Cliffs of Moher, visiting prehistoric monuments like Newgrange or the bustling nightlife of Dublin.  Diversity is most certainly your friend if you select Ireland as your honeymoon destination.
  5. Ireland is unique with its pubs, music and spirits.  You have not experienced a night out until you’ve experienced and authentic Irish pub complete with folk music, spirited ambiance and friendly locals.

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